Wintering Seedling Technology of Solanaceous Vegetables

Seedling raising is one of the most important aspects of vegetable production. If we can cultivate high-quality and robust seedlings, we can say that vegetable production has been successful for more than half.

With the decrease of temperature, if there is no effective coordination of environmental conditions such as temperature and light, vegetable seedlings will not grow well, especially the eggplant vegetables. They will undergo flower bud differentiation at the seedling stage. For example, when the tomato begins flower bud differentiation at the three-leaf stage, if the environmental conditions are not suitable, it is easy to cause poor flower bud differentiation, which directly affects the quantity and quality of the fruit.

Many years of actual production experience show that as long as good temperature conditions can be created and the seedlings grow normally, the later sowing of eggplants and tomatoes will be very beneficial to the growth, results, and product quality in the later period, so we need to create Better artificial heating conditions delay the sowing time.

To this end, Jiang Shanshan, the special technical director of the Kunshan City Vegetable Garden in Kunshan, is now invited to explain to the peasant friends in detail—

The primary task of nursery is to cultivate seedlings of suitable growth conditions at appropriate times so that the seedlings can grow well and achieve high yield and efficiency after being planted (or sold) in the field. Facts have proved that the age-appropriate seedlings are better than the leggy seedlings and the aging seedlings in their precocity and high yield.

The so-called strong seedlings means that the seedlings are strong, strong, free of pests, strong in stress, and capable of rapid growth after transplanting. Mainly reflected in the shape of the normal physiological characteristics of the species: complete leaves, no spots, no pests, thick thick color. The root system has developed white and multiple hairs. The section is short and stout; physiologically: the seedling age is appropriate and the accumulated temperature is sufficient.

In general, there are five roles of vegetable nursery. One is to shorten the growing time of vegetables in the field environment and improve the utilization of land. The second is to artificially create excellent environmental conditions at the seedling stage to promote (early) growth. When the field environment is suitable for the growth of the vegetable, it is transplanted again, thereby prolonging the optimum growth period of the crop. The third is to save a lot of production materials. Such as: seeds, pesticides, fertilizers, equipment and so on. The fourth is to save a lot of labor. The fifth is that you can carry out long-distance transportation.

Since the early fruits of solanaceous vegetables in the Sichuan region involve the need for wintering at the seedling stage, resulting in relatively long seedlings (seedling age), it is also decided that the seedling cultivation must be adopted. Now basically through the use of greenhouse insulation, to protect the seedlings from frost damage. Conditionally add some artificial temperature-increasing equipment to better withstand cold.

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