What time is it in winter vegetable greenhouse?

The most important thing is to pay attention to the adjustment of photosynthesis in the morning and evening. In vegetable greenhouses, more carbon dioxide is accumulated in the evening. This is mainly due to the decomposition of organic matter in the soil and released by the respiration of vegetables. Due to the closure of greenhouses in the evening of winter, the carbon dioxide in the evening sheds will be accumulated to a very high concentration. Generally, a sufficient shed of organic fertilizer can reach 1,500 mg/L or even higher, which is 5 times higher than carbon dioxide in the air. Therefore, the full use of these carbon dioxide supply photosynthetic penthouse needs, will significantly increase the number of photosynthetic products, significantly increased vegetable production. This requires the vegetable farmer to take care not to vent the wind prematurely, so as to prevent the carbon dioxide in the shed from escaping the shed and run away.

According to scientific research, after pulling open the grass rake on the shed, in a good light condition, the penthouse accumulates overnight carbon dioxide, which can be used for the photosynthesis needs of vegetables in the shed for an hour or so, so even if the temperature conditions are suitable for releasing wind, Do not let go of the wind within an hour after the shed is opened. It is wrong to let go of the wind. Premature air release will spread part of the carbon dioxide out of the greenhouse. In fact, it reduces the amount of photosynthate produced, and the yield of vegetable farmers is not obtained.

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