What is slow/controlled release fertilizer

1. Controlled release fertilizer. The generalized controlled-release fertilizers include all slow-release fertilizers that can prolong the release period of nutrients, and the exact controlled release fertilizers mean that the nutrient release is set by a certain regulation mechanism or measure to pre-set the release mode of the fertilizer during the crop growing season. The laws are consistent with (or basically the same as) the absorption of crop nutrients, so as to achieve a special type of fertilizer that improves fertilizer efficiency. According to different crops and the different fertilizer requirements during the growth process of various crops, controlled release fertilizers produced in the advanced countries in the world have their controlled release period ranging from 30 days to several hundred days. This type of fertilizer can maximize the use of fertilizers and prevent the pollution of excess nutrients from the environment.

2. Slow release fertilizer. That is, the release rate of nutrients applied to the soil is far less than that of the fast-dissolving fertilizer, and it is a slow-release fertilizer, which has a slow or long-lasting effect on the crop.

Fuji apples are typically round . Fresh apples contain between 9–11% sugars by weight and have a dense flesh that is sweeter and crisper than many other apple cultivars, making Fuji apples popular with consumers around the world. Fuji apples also have a very long shelf life compared to other apples, even without refrigeration. With refrigeration, Fuji apples can remain fresh for up to a year.

1. Commodity name: Fuji Apple

2. Feature: Red color, sweet and crisp
3. Coloration: 80%-85% and up, color type seperated with blush or strip, smooth and bright skin
4.Origin: Shandong province of China
5. Packing:
 a) Inner packing: With tray, foam net and plastic bag
 b) Outer packing:
 10kg/ctn: size 28/32/36/40/44/50/56;
20kg/ctn: size 64/72/80/88/100/113/125/138/150/163/175/198;
 c) according to clients' special requirements.
6. Supply Period: October to next August
7. Conveyance:  
 a) 10kgs/ctn: 2156ctns/40' HR 
 b) 20kgs/ctn: 1106ctns/40' HR
8. Transporting and storing temperature: 0°C

Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple

Fuji Apple,Fresh Apple,Red Fuji Apple,Fresh Fuji Apple

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