Use fish flower conservation treasure should pay attention to what issues

What problems should be paid attention to when using the Fish Flower Conservation Treasure? The conservation of Treasure Fish Flower is based on the scientific principles of co-culture of fish and flowers and the ecological cycle, using functional microbial strains as the core subject, adopting the latest results of international microbiological engineering technology, and adopting high-tech process technology. Compounded. Containing a variety of highly effective and beneficial living organisms such as bacillus, microorganisms, various organic substances, and beneficial trace elements, it can promote the rapid decomposition and degradation of various organic wastes and residual foods into nutrients, and improve the supply of fertilizer and nutrition for flower seedlings. Lifelong health care for all seedling flowers. This product is a pure microbiological product, without any toxic side effects on humans and animals, safe and environmentally friendly.
1. This product is a nursing product, which can be used alone for the daily care of ornamental fish and shrimp clean water, and can also be used in conjunction with other products. This product does not affect the application of other conventional fish and shrimp feed and seedling flower and fertilizer, without any conflict. Or side effects, can significantly improve the use of other products, save the amount of use, eliminate or minimize the toxic and side effects of other products.
2, after the use of this product can still be normal use of other feed or fertilizer products.
3. If there is no special requirement for the color and transparency of the bottom of the ornamental fish pond, the golden treasure fish conservation treasure can be directly thrown into the tank without the need of filtration and immersion. If this product is used directly in the pool without filtration, the bottom of the water is usually filled with sand and pebbles. After the golden treasure fish conservation treasure is put into the tank, it will fall into the cracks of the sand and stones along with the feces of fish, shrimps, turtles and other animals. The microorganisms multiply in the water and decompose the organic matter in the bottom of the pool and the sand and stone joints without affecting the appearance. .
4. Some aquatic plants can be planted on the bottom of the water, so that the roots of the plants will be in the sand seams, and the sand will have a certain fixed effect on the sand. The bottom fertilizer resources can be fully utilized, and at the same time, the fish tank can be even more beautiful and aesthetically appealing.
5, the cylinder wall appears green or black, do not wipe it, it is a sign of the formation of ecological film.
6, to regularly use the tank of ecological fertilizer and residue watering flowers, while adding new water to the tank.
7. Under normal circumstances, there is no need to clean up the bottom of the water. Only if there is too much waste, goldfish and turtles will cause sediments to appear when they swim or crawl. This will seriously affect the outlook. At this time, some floating materials or bottom fertilizer can be used to raise fish. Flowers can be.
8. Within two or three weeks or one month in the beginning, “biological membrane” or “small ecological circle” has not yet formed. Due to the occasional turbidity of microbial decomposition, it is normal to wait for a moment to wait. There is no need to worry.
9. Dumps and other wastes from the bottom of the pool will sometimes be spotted due to the decomposition of microorganisms. This is a normal condition and generally does not require special treatment.
10, this product can be used for other non-aquatic fish farming and nursery stock flower maintenance, usage and dosage according to the instructions.
11. After opening the bag, if it cannot be used once, seal the bag tightly so as to prevent moisture reversion or contamination with bacteria.
12. Do not mix this product with other chemicals.
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