Under the rapid development of China's medical equipment, there are still hidden problems

Business Club November 22 The total output value of China's medical device industry has maintained a rapid growth since the 1990s, and the average increase has been maintained at 12%-15%. According to the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" of the medical device industry, the total output value of China's medical device industry will reach 100 billion yuan in 2010.

This reporter learned from the China Medical Device Industry Summit for Scientific Development and the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation Brain Health Expert Seminar recently held in Beijing.

According to experts, China's medical device industry has grown rapidly from small to large, and it has now become a sunrise industry with relatively complete product categories, increasing innovation capabilities, and strong market demand. In particular, in recent years, the pace of development of the medical device industry has been further accelerated. Not only has its continuous multi-year output value maintained its double-digit growth, but also the number of product exports and its scientific and technological content have been continuously improved. At the same time, it is also necessary to see that China’s medical device industry has a weak foundation for development. Medical device supervision has started late. The phenomena of small, multiple, scattered, and low-level competition in medical device companies have not yet been fundamentally changed, and they have accelerated the improvement of medical devices in China. The technological innovation capability of the industry and the strengthening of the joint production, learning, and research of medical device R&D has become an urgent task. Experts pointed out that in the next ten to fifteen years, China's medical device industry will enter a stage of rapid development. The foundation for development over the decades since the founding of the People's Republic of China, the rigid demand for health care and rehabilitation of the people, the long-term reserve of technical personnel for medical device-related disciplines, and the country’s strong support for technological innovation in medical devices are all guarantees for the rapid development of the medical device industry. And power.

The brain health experts of the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation and relevant experts of some medical institutions in the capital made academic reports on the current status of brain health research in China, the clinical value of brain rehabilitation brain care, and the development trend of brain health care devices.

Experts believe that the government and society should attach great importance to and support the study of brain health and the prevention of brain diseases. In modern society, the pressure of social competition and the intensity of mental work faced by mankind have only increased, thus making mental and neurological diseases more and more dangerous to human health. At present, the number of patients with encephalopathy in our country continues to increase. It is imperative to strengthen academic research on brain health and accelerate the development of brain health products. The experts gave a high evaluation to the Biochic brain health instrument developed by the Qingde Germans and believed that this product has become a better choice for the prevention and treatment of physical brain diseases in China.

The summit was jointly sponsored by the Wu Jieping Medical Foundation and the China Medical Device Association, and co-organized by the Qingde German Human Biotechnology R&D Center.

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