Too much salt can be addictive to stomach cancer

Usually cooking, eating under the pavilion are very salty? Be addicted and get stomach cancer! Eating too much salt is bad for your health. Studies have shown that excessive intake of salt can lead to addiction, and even increase the risk of stomach cancer, seriously affecting your health. editors share knowledge of healthy diets and remind you to eat lightly.


The results of the study showed that if mice were not given salt, they would be depressed and even lose interest in the sugar that they love. This finding convinced researchers that "no salt or desire to eat salt can cause depression and other similar symptoms."

The researchers also found that brain activity when mice did not eat salt was similar to brain activity when “addicted mice” were not drugged. “This means that the brain needs or desires to behave in a salty way, and it is drugged and misused. Same drug."

Previous studies have shown that salt can promote the flow of body fluids in the body, but excessive intake can cause high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke and other diseases, and may even cause gastric cancer.


Doctors recommend that adults do not consume more than 6 grams of salt per day.

Controlling salt intake is crucial, experts say: “Inadvertent diet can lead to heart disease or stroke, leading to unnecessary death. If you want to reduce the number of deaths, we must control the intake of salt. In many salty foods, soup The class is invisible salt 'big family', especially canned cream soup, each can contain up to 3 grams of salt." Experts advise people to read the food label or do it yourself to cook soup when buying canned soup, starting from a small place to reduce salt intake.

Dining out worry about excessive salt

The Salt and Health Action Group and the British Trade Standards Agency sampled 96 meals at 16 popular restaurants in the United Kingdom earlier this year to investigate salt content.

The results showed that three-quarters of the main courses introduced at these restaurants contained more than 3 grams of salt. More than one-third of the restaurants sells main dishes with more than 6 grams of salt. One restaurant sells 8.8 grams of chicken teppanyaki. Experts worry that because the restaurant does not provide information on salt content, people cannot know the salt content of the dish and cannot be aware of their excessive intake of salt. Finally, the experts called on the restaurant to put less salt in the food, or place the salt on the table so that customers can taste it according to personal taste.

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