The total salt content of the shed is high.

In recent years, due to the large investment in fertilizer, many vegetable farmers began to pay attention to soil fertigation in order to reduce input. After Liu Shifu, a vegetable farmer in the ancient city street of Shouguang City, pulled the soil in the greenhouse and brought soil samples to the Shouguang Soil and Fertilizer Testing and Research Center for soil testing to understand the contents of various nutrient elements in the greenhouse soil, targeted fertilizers were applied. While reducing the input of fertilizers, the quality and high yield of vegetables in the shed are also required.

The test showed that the total salt content of Master Liu's greenhouse soil reached 2.68g/kg, exceeding the requirement of 2.0g/kg for the growth of suitable vegetables, which was mainly due to the excessive potassium and phosphorus elements in the soil. Therefore, attention should be paid to changes. The amount of fertilizer reduces the total salt content in the soil.

First of all, the content of organic matter in Master Liu's greenhouse soil is 18.92g/kg, which is 1.08g/kg different from the requirement for 20.0g/kg of organic matter suitable for vegetable growth, so organic fertilizer should also be added. It is suggested that Master Liu should apply about 15 square meters of rice hull manure or chicken manure to the soil during the summer months when the temperature is high, so as to increase the use of biological bacterial fertilizer to promote the fermentation of manure when the temperature is high, and quickly convert the manure into soil organic matter. , And use the fermentation of manure to improve the soil, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, the use of soil adsorption of mineral particles, to reduce the effect of salt in the soil on vegetable roots.

Second, increase nitrogen fertilizer. Liu Shifu's nitrogen content in the soil is 68.00mg/kg, which is lower than the requirement for 80-120mg/kg of soil hydrolyzable nitrogen for the growth of vegetables, so that Master Liu can add nitrogen fertilizer when the temperature is high, such as 30-35 per mu. About kilograms of diammonium to increase the nitrogen content in the soil. At the same time, the nitrogen in diammonium is ammonium nitrogen, which can be converted into nitrate nitrogen with the fermentative decomposition of organic fertilizers at high temperature, thus avoiding the loss and volatilization of nitrogen fertilizers and increasing the use of fertilizers. rate. After planting vegetables, the use of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers can be used as the main ingredient.

Again, reduce the use of phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. The available phosphorus content in Master Liu’s greenhouse is 142.03 mg/kg, which can reduce the use of phosphate fertilizers. Due to the low content of organic matter in the soil, most of the soil's phosphate fertilizer is fixed by the soil, so it must be used continuously. The master can use about 150 kg of fertilizer with 15% of phosphorus content per mu, and use half of Pu Shi, half of which can be used in planting methods to increase the utilization rate of phosphate fertilizer. For potash fertilizer, the available potassium content in the soil reaches 539.0mg/kg. Master Liu can use 20-30kg of potash fertilizer with 15% content in the base fertilizer application, which is 1/3-2/3 of the normal potassium fertilizer usage, and then Note that after the vegetable is planted, when it enters the fruiting period, it can be supplemented by flushing. In order to prevent the accumulation of potash in the soil, vegetable growers should preferably use high-fertilizer fertilization after planting vegetables. For example, “Beacon” brand water-soluble fertilizer, Fangrun, etc., each spraying 5-8 kg per mu. You can.

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Field: Medicine

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