The role of plastic pulverizer

The role of plastic pulverizer

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Plastic pulverizer machine was pulverized plastic material. At the same time as the raw materials of the injection molding machine or the granulator are produced, the defective products and the nozzle materials can be put into the plastic pulverizer on the machine side in time, and after being crushed by the pulverizer, the pulverization is kept clean and dry, and the "rain material proportional valve" is used. In the case of a fixed ratio, the raw material and the nozzle are pulverized, mixed, molded, and recycled.

The advantage of the “pulverization ratio mixing recovery system” formed by the combination of plastic pulverizer and other auxiliary machines (dryer, dehumidifier, chiller, mold temperature machine, etc.) is that the water material is not contaminated, and the strength, density and color of the plastic The gloss is not destroyed, the quality of the product can be improved, the cost and materials are saved, and the competitiveness is enhanced and the manufacturing activities are more environmentally friendly.

Into plastic grinder: 1, hard plastic mill, plastic sheets suitable for small and medium pulverization; 2 strong plastic crushing machine for crushing ordinary sheet, pipe, profiles, sheets and other plastic products and packaging materials; Plastic plastic pipe 3 The pulverizer is suitable for crushing all kinds of small and medium-sized plastic pipes.
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