The advantages of fish seedlings into the box and operating techniques

In autumn, the fish is put into the box. After being fattened through the pond, the constitution is generally strong and it is easy to adapt to the cage environment. At the same time, when the cascading caisson was overwintering, not only did the wintering body lose more weight than the pond, but after the end of spring in the winter, the fish began to eat at about 5°C, and the growth period was longer than that in the spring. The speed is quick, obviously increase the output. The overwintering fish in the caisson is about 30% faster than the spring-inoculated fish, and the size of the outbox is about 35% larger. Therefore, it is a good way for fish species to go into the winter in the fall. Its operating technology is as follows:

First, into the box time: generally from late September to early October, the water temperature of 15 °C -18 °C is appropriate, not lower than 10 °C.

Second, fingerling disinfection: Disinfection before entering the box can be combined with the transport of fingerlings. That is, 20 minutes to 30 minutes before the transportation arrives at the destination, the drug is dissolved and put into the transport, canvas or fish bucket. The concentration of the drug is bleaching powder 10ppm or salt 2% -3%, according to the water temperature flexibility. Be sure to accurately calculate the amount of drug administered.

3. Put the complete non-destructive double-layer cage into the water 7 days to 10 days before entering the box, so that the cage can attach a layer of algae or sediments, and then put the fish species, reducing the number of new cages to the fish Bruises.

Fourth, after the fish is fed into the box, feed the baits for a period of time, so that the injured parts of the fish species can be recovered in a timely manner during the catching and transport, so as to reduce fish diseases caused by infection.

5. The caisson must be fed before the winter, until the fish is not eaten (the water temperature is about 5°C-6°C), and the body is in good condition before winter. Do not cause the fish body to weaken due to premature food.

6. The sinking time of the cage is controlled at a water temperature of 4°C. At this time, the temperature of the water above and below the water body is basically the same, the convection at the upper and lower levels is over, and the fish is stable when it sinks. It will not cause unrest due to changes in the water layer.

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