Summer health tips to eat in the summer should pay attention to what issues

As the temperature rises, people’s appetite also changes. At this time, people’s gastrointestinal function is the weakest, and eating a little carelessness can easily cause gastrointestinal diseases. Experts suggest that in this special season, diet must pay attention to regulation, the amount of food to eat, should not eat the firm can not eat, the so-called disease from the mouth into the summer to make a good opening and shut, eat healthy.

1, do not forget to make up the salt potassium supplement summer sweat more, the body lost more salt. So pay attention to eating more salty foods to supplement the body's lost salt and reach the balance your body needs. In addition, excessive sweating can lead to excessive loss of potassium in the body. The specific symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite, and the like.

Fresh vegetables and fruits contain more potassium, so you can eat some strawberries, apricots, litchi, peaches, plums and other fruits in a controlled manner. Vegetables, vegetables, green onions, celery, soybeans, and so on are also rich in potassium. Tea contains more potassium, more tea in the summer, you can heat, but also potassium, can be described as killing two birds with one stone.

2, pay attention to vitamin supplements in the hot season, the body's metabolism to speed up, easy to lack a variety of vitamins. At this point, it is possible to selectively replenish some vitamins, preferably food supplements, and choose foods rich in vitamins and calcium, such as watermelons, cucumbers, tomatoes, beans and their products, animal liver and kidney, and shrimp, etc. You can drink some juice.

3, eat cold food when the climate is particularly hot, appropriate to eat some cold food or drink some cold drinks will make people feel physical and mental comfort, but also play a role in the summer heat. However, these foods should not be eaten too much. Cold jelly and cold porridge eat too much can easily hurt the stomach. The ice cream, ice bricks, etc. are made of milk, egg powder, sugar, etc., can not eat too much, otherwise it will easily lead to decreased gastrointestinal temperature, causing irregular shrinkage, induce abdominal pain, diarrhea and other symptoms.

There are many varieties of beverages on the market, but the nutritional value is not high, or drink less. If you drink too much cold drinks will also damage the spleen and stomach, affect appetite, and may even lead to gastrointestinal dysfunction.

4, eat fruit should be moderate from the nutritional point of view, the human body a variety of basic nutritional needs --- carbohydrates, minerals, protein, etc., are not only able to rely on eating fruit can be satisfied, long-term "living" survival It can easily lead to insufficient protein intake and adversely affect the human endocrine system, digestive system, and immune system.

Some young friends like to rely on fruit to lose weight in the summer, but it is not very scientific. Light eating fruits not only causes many diseases, but because most of the fruit is rich in sugar, long-term ingestion does not achieve weight loss.

5, eat more bitter food in three meals a day, pay attention to eat more bitter food. Bitter foods are not palatable in taste, but they are healthy foods for the summer holidays. The alkaloids contained in bitter foods have pharmacological effects such as relieving summer heat, promoting blood circulation, and relaxing blood vessels. Eating bitter gourd, bitter herbs, or drinking some beer, tea, coffee, cocoa and other bitter drinks in the weather can not only clear the heart of people's troubles, refreshing, but also can increase appetite, spleen and stomach.

6, eat more summer heat medicine porridge summer is not suitable for Dabu, summer foods eat Dabu easy to make the body uncomfortable, so lamb should not eat, especially those with high blood pressure. It is best to eat more vegetables, eat less greasy, and pay attention to eat more foods that can heat and reduce heat, such as mung bean porridge, lentil porridge, lotus leaf porridge, mint porridge and other "heat-curing medicine porridge."

7, the summer weather should make up the summer diet should be to make up, spleen, phlegm Shushi wet principle, should choose to have light yin effect of food, such as duck, squid, shrimp, lean meat, edible quail (mushrooms , mushrooms, oyster mushrooms, white fungus, etc.), glutinous rice and so on. During the hot summer months, the appetite of the human body is often misleading to people's diet, and the result is to satisfy the taste and bring illness. Therefore, to be healthy in the summer, we must pay more attention to eating less or not eating inappropriate food.

8, to avoid raw aquatic products aquatic products rich in nutrients and delicious, summer raw food taste is first-rate. However, seafood foods such as clams, clams, scorpions, burrows, drunks, crabs, and salty crabs are more risky. Because seafood contains a lot of parasites, it is easy to infect diseases without being sterilized by high temperatures. Many people believe that foods that have not been heated or cooked at high temperatures will not lose nutrients. Eating raw food is the best. In fact, foods such as vegetables and fruits are better eaten raw.

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