Strawberry "six changes" cultivation yield

1. Change the cultivation of flat rice to high ridge cultivation. The cultivation of flat stubble, the high humidity in the field, the poor ventilation and ventilation, the serious pests and diseases, can easily cause the fruit rotten, the quality of production is reduced. The use of high ridge cultivation can overcome the above weaknesses, and is more suitable for the needs of cultivation. The specific practice of cultivation in high ridges is to select ridges that are flat, sheltered from the wind, sunny, and fertile. It is 2 meters wide and 10-15 centimeters high. A 40-centimeter trench is dug between the two sides.
2. Change conventional seedling cultivation to non-toxic seedling cultivation. The conventional seedling virus is severe, the yield is low, and the fruit quality is poor. The non-toxic seedlings have strong disease resistance, and the fruits are large. The single fruit weight is mostly more than 100 grams, and the yield can be increased by 1-2 times.
3, changed for many years for a year planted, although many years of planting a low investment, labor, management is simple, but the virus infection, disease and pest prone to occur, weak plants, poor quality, low yield. Planted once a year, through rotation, the land use rate is high, it is not easy to contaminate the virus, and there are fewer pests and diseases, the fruit is large, the quality is good, and the economic benefit is high.
4, to change a single variety for the cultivation of multiple varieties. Strawberry is a kind of berry that is not easy to store and transport. If a single species has a large area and the harvesting period is too concentrated, it will put pressure on harvesting, sales and processing, and even cause a lot of mildew. Therefore, suitable varieties suitable for local cultivation at different maturation periods and storage and transportation should be used as appropriate. Each plot can be planted with 2-3 different mature varieties.
5, open cultivation to protect cultivation. The cultivation of open field is late for market and the yield is low. The use of double-film covering cultivation can significantly increase the yield and provide the morning market time. If the effect is more obvious with greenhouses or greenhouse cultivation, the yield can be increased by 1-2 times, and the city can also be mentioned for about 60 days.
6, change to extensive management of fine management. For a long time, the management of strawberries has been very extensive, and its fine management has not been taken seriously. In fact, fine management is of great significance to improving the yield and quality of strawberries. The measures of strawberry spermatozoa include: when the new seedlings after colonization grow to 5-6 leaves, the dead leaves, diseased leaves, and invalid leaves are cut off, and the overripe heart leaves are promptly removed, and 10-13 slices per plant are valid. Leaves, after buds appear, each inflorescence left 3-4 seedlings, and the rest were removed. After flowering, the diseased fruit, malformed fruit, small fruit, and infested fruit are removed at any time to cultivate large fruits. Fruit gray mold is the main disease of strawberry, especially when it is rainy, it is seriously harmful. Spraying carbendazim 300 times or thiophanate 1000 times can effectively control the spread of the disease.

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