Strawberry Powdery Mildew Symptoms and Prevention Measures

Powdery mildew is one of the most important diseases that damage strawberry. Especially under protected cultivation conditions, the temperature and humidity are more suitable for the occurrence of the disease, so it is more serious than the open field. Severe disease can significantly reduce the fruit yield, and at the same time make the quality of seedlings worse. It is not easy to survive after transplanting; after the fruit is victimized, the value of the commodity is lost.
Symptoms: Powdery mildew is common in strawberries, especially in protected areas. The disease is mainly harmful to leaves, fruits and fruit stems. At the beginning of the disease, a thin, creamy white powder appears on the leaf surface. Under suitable conditions, it quickly spreads to the whole plant. As the disease progresses, the leaf curls upwards and becomes spoon-shaped; after flower buds and flowers are affected, the petals turn red. Buds cannot be opened; if the fruit is infected with the disease, the fruit surface will cover a white powdery material, the fruit will stop hypertrophy, and the coloration will be poor.
Incidence of disease: Powdery mildew is mycelium or conidia on the diseased body overwintering over summer, becoming the primary source of infestation. Bacteria belong to low-temperature pathogens, and the optimal temperature for infection is 15°C-20°C. No pathogenicity is found at temperatures below 5°C and above 35°C. Dry and high humidity conditions can cause disease spread. Pathogenic bacteria are mainly transmitted by air, and rainfall can inhibit spores from scattering, and they are scattered and scattered in the sunny afternoon. The disease is more serious in protected areas such as greenhouses. Partial application of nitrogen fertilizer in the field, due to the growth of green, poor resistance to disease, the general incidence of heavier.
Control methods: 1, the use of disease-resistant varieties such as Baozao Zaosheng and so on. 2, clear garden in winter, burning diseased leaves, stubble. 3. Remove the old leaves, diseased leaves, and diseased fruits on the ground in a timely manner during the growing season, and concentrate deeply on them, and avoid littering everywhere; pay attention to the ventilation conditions of the garden and timely drain water after the rain; increase organic fertilizer application Fertilizers, phosphorus and potash fertilizers, avoid partial nitrogen fertilizer. 4, chemical control: (1) the right medicine. To use myclobutanil 800-1000 times solution, DuPont Fuxing 800-1000 times solution, thiophanate-methyl 1000 times solution, triadimefon 2000 times solution, and "Shigao" 600-800 times solution. (2) Proper control. To use the drug at the beginning of the disease, apply it once every 7-10 days. (3) Improve the quality of prevention and control. The liquid leaves must be sprayed to the back and back, and various agents should be used as alternately as possible. (4) Master the safety interval. Use drug control to stop using drugs 7 days before harvest to control pesticide residues.

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