State Food and Drug Administration: It will focus on cracking down on counterfeit and inferior pharmaceutical production and sales

Business Club November 25th

On November 24, it was learned from the State Food and Drug Administration that the Bureau will focus on cracking down on the production and sale of counterfeit and inferior drugs in the next five months.

On November 23, the Bureau held a special teleconference in Beijing and set up a special action leading group. Director Shao Mingli stressed that it is necessary to focus on the use of the Internet to promote the sale of counterfeit drugs, and to carry out in-depth special actions to combat infringement of intellectual property rights and the production and sales of fake and shoddy goods. The food and drug regulatory departments at all levels must focus on the next five months, work closely with relevant departments, implement various requirements for special operations, and strive to win special operations. We must address both the symptoms and the symptoms, actively explore and improve the effective methods and methods for using the Internet to promote the sale of counterfeit drugs and other illegal activities, and guide the public to obtain medicines from legitimate channels and safeguard their own health rights and interests.

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