Spring rape should be added with organic fertilizer

The main problems in the fertilization of spring rape in northern China are: one-time fertilization is common, and defermentation is obvious at the later stage; partial application of nitrogen and phosphate fertilizers, little application of organic fertilizer and straw return to field; affected by the moisture conditions, the quality of sowing is not high, and the density is not enough. Principles of fertilization: Increase organic fertilizers, popularize the cultivation of green manure at leisure, promote sub-administration of nitrogen fertilizers, supplement boron fertilizer, zinc fertilizer, and sulfur fertilizer; increase the quality of sowing, do a good job of maintenance work, and appropriately increase planting density. Fertilizing amount and proportion: The output level of mu is more than 150 kg: 8 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, 5 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 2.5 kg of potassium fertilizer and 1.5 kg of zinc sulfate. Mu yield level of 100 to 150 kg: 6 to 8 kg of nitrogen fertilizer, 4 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 2.5 kg of potassium fertilizer, and 1 kg of zinc sulfate. Mu yield below 100 kg: 6 kg of nitrogen fertilizer per mu, 3 kg of phosphate fertilizer, 2 kg of potassium fertilizer, and 0.5 kg of zinc sulfate. Nitrogen-based fertilizer and top dressing were each 50%. Phosphorus and potassium fertilizers were all used as base fertilizers. In addition, it is recommended that 0.1 to 0.2 kg of boron fertilizer should be planted per acre before sowing. Ammonium sulfate should be used for nitrogen fertilizer.

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