Sp45f digital lock balance valve | Zhengzhou sp45f digital lock balance valve | Zhengzhou Cheng open valve

This valve is a kind of balance valve, suitable for various liquid pipeline systems. It is an ideal new energy-saving valve. The valve has a digital display of the scale that can be visually adjusted to any position and can be locked. The valve is mainly used in industrial and civil building heating pipeline systems. At present, there are hydraulic imbalance problems in some pipe network systems, and the balance valve provides a means to solve this problem. Use it to accurately adjust the pressure drop and flow. It is used to improve the liquid flow condition in the pipe network system, achieve the purpose of pipe network liquid balance and save energy. In the double pipe network engineering transformation, the application of this valve can still save energy and obtain better results.

Bellows balanced safety valve / ZL47F-16 self-operated balancing valve

The ZL47F6 self-operated balancing valve is mainly composed of an automatic adjusting valve flap and a manual adjusting valve flap. By using the pressure change of the medium itself as the power, the balance of the flow of each branch is automatically adjusted, the flow is accurately stabilized, and the functions of opening degree indication, locking and closing are provided. Suitable "heating, air conditioning and other non-corrosive media flow control disposable adjustment before running the system can make the flow rate constant at the set value is automatically requested.

KPF balancing valve

KPF manual adjustment balance valve is a kind of regulating valve with special function developed and produced by Shanghai Yihuan . It has good flow characteristics, can distribute flow reasonably, realize flow quantitative, and can effectively solve the existence of heating (air conditioning) system. The problem of uneven heat and temperature at room temperature. Since the manual adjustment balance valve is provided with an opening degree indication, an opening degree locking device and a pressure measuring small valve for flow measurement, as long as a manual adjustment balance valve of an appropriate specification is installed in each branch and user inlet, a dedicated smart meter is used for one-time use. Locking after commissioning, the total water volume of the system is controlled within a reasonable range, thereby overcoming the unreasonable phenomenon of " large flow, small temperature difference " . Manual adjustment of the balancing valve is ideal for heating systems. The KPF balancing valve can be installed on the water supply pipe or on the return pipe. Generally, we recommend to install it on the return pipe, especially for the high temperature loop. For the convenience of debugging, it should be installed on the return pipe and install the balance valve. The return water pipe does not have to be equipped with a shut-off valve .

ZLF-16 self-operated balancing valve

ZLF6 type Self-balancing valve, the medium itself is a self-controlled pressure changes to maintain flow through the constant flow valve controlled system, having a flow rate indication and use, easy to adjust, suitable for heating and air conditioning and other non-corrosive Flow control of the media. One-time adjustment before running. The system flow can be automatically constant at the required high cold value.



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Vegetable Hollow capsule manual


Name:Hollow Vegetable Capsule

Major components:HPMC(Hypromellose) and purified water

Character:The product is cylindrical and is made of two hard and elastic empty sacs made up of two sets of cap and body. The bag is smooth, uniform in color, smooth in incision, free of deformation, non-toxic and harmless, and is no odor

HPMC: It is  an anhydroglucose of the cellulose.HPMC can be derived from cotton seeds

Function:  Used for containing solid drugs. Isolation of herbs


Store:Keep in a cool, dry, airtight place

Manufacturing:Zhejiang Honghui Capsule Co.,Ltd

Add:Qingshan industrial area, Xinchang County, Zhejiang Province(Chengguan Town, Quanqin)

Size 2 HPMC Empty Capsules

Food Capsule,Hpmc Food Capsule,2 Hpmc Food Capsule,Size 2 Hpmc Empty Capsules

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