Solanaceous fruit bag plastic preservation method

The selected solanaceous fruit is put into the coffers at a room temperature of 20 to 25°C and is piled into a bowl, sealed with a polyethylene film, the content of oxygen in the book is 2% to 5%, and the carbon dioxide content is 5%. And under high carbon dioxide conditions, due to reduced respiratory intensity and limit the synthesis of ethylene in the body, and to prevent the role of ethylene, thus preventing the eggplant off, reducing eggplant rot. This method can store eggplant fruit for about 30 days, maintaining the original product value of solanine fruit. Some people also use a 10 micron thick high-density polyethylene bag to store selected eggplant fruit in small packages. At a temperature of about 13°C, the oxygen, carbon dioxide, and ethylene gases in the bag are controlled to a suitable range and can be stored. In about 4 weeks, the original quality and freshness can be maintained.

Meat more than we raise chicken, Turkey, stout, fleshy structure and nutrition ratio more reasonable, in the soil chicken contains rich protein, trace elements and a variety of nutrients, fat content is low, have important value for our human body health, is our Chinese people prefer meat products, belong to high protein meat.Native contains rich amino acids, amino acids for human body has a very important role, he is to make up our human body protein and related to the life activities of the most basic material, is in the biological constitute the basic unit of protein molecules in the body, is our basic material life, there is a close relationship to human life activities. It is an indispensable nutrient in our body. These nutrients in Turkey are very important for the growth and development of our bodies.

Solid Red Chicken

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