Short-run printing creates productivity for pharmaceutical packaging

Editor's Note: Printing is an extremely important part of packaging, and it directly provides a lot of benefits for packaging. Prinect's on-machine control system has undoubtedly been recognized by many well-known companies and has been applied to various devices. What are the advantages of Prinect in the machine control system? China Pharmaceutical Machinery Equipment Network reports for you.

• In the machine control system, Prinect can not only shorten the printing preparation time, but also reduce the waste sheet. It also guarantees high-quality printing.

LGREmballages S.A., a famous French packaging and printing company, has reached an agreement with Heidelberg Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. to purchase three Speedmaster XL105 presses. All three devices are equipped with Prinect in-machine control system, which can regulate printing color and registration while the device is running.

LGR is one of the largest packaging and printing companies in France, specializing in pharmaceutical packaging and corrugated packaging (LGR is France's largest, Europe's third largest pharmaceutical packaging supplier and France's second largest corrugated packaging manufacturer) . The company has nine production plants in France, Spain, Belgium and other places with a total of 650 employees.

According to Torben Reine, President of LGR, “Our aim is to maintain our technological pioneer position with advanced printing equipment that symbolizes the ultimate innovation. Prinect's on-machine control system is one of the important reasons for us to choose Heidelberg. It is the packaging of pharmaceuticals that involves short-run printing, and the pressure on prices forces us to constantly optimize production equipment."

At their Montelimar LeTeil factory, a Speedmaster XL105 press dedicated to pharmaceutical packaging has been in service for four years and is stable. The first of the two new equipment ordered by the plant has been put into production a few days ago, and the other one is about to be installed. “With the Prinect in-machine control system, it is amazing that we can get OK proofs in a very short period of time. Because of this, our printing preparation time is greatly shortened, the number of waste sheets is reduced, and at the same time, printing The quality is impeccable," said Philippe Ratte, senior executive of technology at LGR. “For pharmaceutical packaging, this type of facility that represents a highly industrialized and highly productive facility is extremely important, and short-run jobs from 2,000 copies are not a problem.” The third newly acquired Speedmaster XL105 press will Installed at the Group's St.Eusebe plant, together with the existing two Heidelberg offset presses, it is dedicated to the packaging of pharmaceutical and health care products.

“Every of our factories is equipped with the same manufacturer's equipment, which is our success rule. Therefore, Heidelberg is regarded as one of our outstanding strategic partners,” said President Torben Reine.

LGR is a member of the PharmaPact group, which has three prestigious folding carton manufacturers that serve the pharmaceutical industry and form a strategic alliance in the European market. The other two companies are Edelmann in Germany and Nampak in the UK and Italy. Large pharmaceutical companies can work with highly efficient manufacturers in the alliance to meet global or regional market needs.


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