Salted Duck Egg Honey Drives Tracheitis

When I was a child, I often suffered from a cold because of my physical weakness. I had to cough more than just a fever. I had to wait for more than half a month for a delay, and once I had to go for two to leave a root cause of bronchitis. I had to commit several times each winter.

Once, the mother heard from an old man that the salted duck custard honey can cure bronchitis, but my father does not believe that the doctor usually pays attention to eat less salty and sweet, and that eating this salted duck egg and honey is not fueling the flames? ? Her mother did not listen to "evil" and bought more than 10 kilograms of duck eggs for pickling. After more than 20 days, the duck eggs were salty. The mother bought honey and forced me to use duck eggs (peeled) and honey to eat three to four meals a day. I had been eating for nearly two months. Looking back at the salty and sweet taste, it's really hard to swallow!

More than 10 kilograms of duck eggs and about two kilograms of honey were unknowingly eliminated by me. At that time, I did not feel any effect. But in the following years, even if I had a cold, my tracheitis was not committed. It's miraculously good. My mother and I felt that it was a salted duck tart honey that played a decisive role.

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Salted duck eggs are good foods for the table and they also have health benefits. Its sweet, cool, into the heart, lungs, spleen, there Ziyin, Qingfei, Feng muscle, Ze skin, in addition to heat and so on. However, patients with hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, liver and kidney disease should eat less. Honey can moisten the lungs and has a certain antitussive effect. It is commonly used to help treat tuberculosis and bronchitis. People who are weak and cough can often eat honey. Among them, the relieving cough effect of honeysuckle is most prominent.

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