Review of the draft food safety law: the food supervision code clause was deleted

The five-day fourth meeting of the Eleventh National People's Congress opened in Beijing's Great Hall. The meeting continued its consideration of the draft Circular Economy Law, the draft food safety law, the first of deliberation Criminal Law Amendment (g) of the draft, the draft revised insurance law, such as the draft patent law amendment. (More exciting news)

â–  The draft food safety law

No longer regulate a predetermined code system

[Draft] by deleting the terms and content of the preliminary draft of the relevant regulatory codes, regulations no longer regulate food code system.

[Interpretation] The preliminary draft of the draft stipulates that the state implements a supervision code system for food, Food Additives and food-related products. Some NPC deputies, experts, scholars and business proposed regulatory code technology is not complicated, easy to counterfeit, practice inquiry rate, limited to the role of security products; and the current enterprise has been widely used bar code, then the implementation of the regulatory code, companies need to pay in addition network-related costs, but also involves increasing problem of staff, equipment, etc., will increase the cost of production; the majority of small food businesses do not have the network capacity, the proposed law is not specified.

â–  Draft Circular Economy Law

Renamed the Circular Economy Promotion Law

[Draft] The "Draft Economy Law Draft" was renamed "Draft Economy Promotion Law Draft".

[Interpretation] Some members of the Standing Committee of the National People's Congress and representatives of the National People's Congress have proposed that the development of China's circular economy is in its infancy and lacks practical experience. The formulation of this legal content will be more principled, and the binding provisions may not be too much. Many of the provisions that are guided and promoted reflect the staged characteristics of circular economy legislation.

Ladder water price is not clearly defined

[Draft] The state implements a price policy that is conducive to resource conservation and rational use, and guides units and individuals to save and rationally use resource products such as water, electricity and gas.

[Interpretation] The provisions of the progressive fare increase charging system were deleted in the second trial. Some members think that it should be resumed. In this regard, after the investigation by the Law Commission, it is considered that it is difficult for the system to reasonably determine the electricity, gas, and tap water base according to the different conditions of each household. The reasonable progressive price increase is difficult to determine and should not be stipulated in the law.

â–  The draft amendment to the Patent Law

Infringement damages including the cost of rights

[Draft] Compensation for infringement of patent rights shall include reasonable expenses paid by the right holder to stop the infringement.

[Interpretation] Commissioner of the State Intellectual Property Office Tian Lipu said the practice from patent protection point of view, if the cost of patent rights without compensation can not make up for the loss of the right people suffered because of the infringement.

â–  The draft revised Insurance Law

Disclaimer content should indicate

[Draft] insurance contract, the insurer shall explain the content of the insurance contract to the applicant. Insurance contract provides for exemption of liabilities related to the insurance, the insurer should be able to make enough to cause the insured pay attention to tips on insurance, insurance or other insurance certificate at the time of entering into the insurance contract, the content of the liability exemption clause in writing or made to policyholders in the form of an oral explanation, the insurer is not exempted from the provisions of the obligation to make prompt or description of such clauses shall not be effective.

【Explanation】 China Insurance Regulatory Commission Chairman Wu Dingfu said that the insurance dispute is currently produced as well as some provisions of the contract claims difficult part of the problem with the existing insurance law is not clear enough bears a closer relationship. To solve this problem, the draft amendments to strengthen the insurance company explained obligation to the insurance contract, which will strengthen the protection of the interests of the insured.

Insurance funds can invest in real estate

[Draft] funds can be applied to insurance companies invest in real estate.

【Explanation】 in recent years with the increasing size of the insurance market, the rapid accumulation of insurance funds due to the use of narrow channels, increasing the value of increasing difficulty and become the bottleneck of the development of the insurance industry. According to the draft, the proposed insurance law for the first time real estate "gate" to the insurance funds to invest. China Insurance Regulatory Commission official said, large-scale real estate investments, long-term, more in line with the pursuit of long-term insurance funds, value, features sound investment. The open channels may play a capital intermediation function of insurance, support for national economic construction. Edition have written our reporter Guo Aidi

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