Prevention and Control Techniques of Mango Soot

Fungal diseases. At present, six kinds of pathogens causing mango sooty disease have been found in China. Damage leaves, shoots, fruits, affect leaf photosynthesis and fruit appearance.
Control methods: First, the planting and pruning are reasonable and the canopy is kept airy and transparent. The second is to control and control pests such as aphids, scale insects, leafhoppers, and white beetles. When using insecticides, potassium permanganate 1000 times can be added. The third is the spraying of 0.5% lime half Bordeaux fluid or 0.3 Baume degree lime sulfur in the early stage of the disease.

Wolfberry sprout tea, a superior tea, gives off fragrance in Chinese tea history, which is made elaborately of hand-picked tender bud and processed through a moden and scientific technique. It is without any additives and pigments, without caffeine and aminophylline, but rich in bioavtive substance, which is purely health drink nowadays.


Goji sprout tea, the nutrient rich tea, contains amino acids of 18 categories, trace elements such as Ca, Fe, Zn, Se, crude protein, carotene, lactoflavin, nicotinic acid (VB5), folic acid (VB11), catechin, flavone, which are necessary for human body.

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