Precautions when transplanting tomatoes

Autumn tomato delay but also nursery transplanting, before and after transplanting the technical aspects of what, how to ensure that the seedlings will not die, lay the foundation for high yield, which is the concern of the majority of vegetable farmers. Here I will focus on a few issues that should be noted before and after the tomato transplant.

I. Soil disinfection and anti-dead plants: Soil-borne diseases are the main factors causing tomato dead trees. There are many kinds of soil-borne diseases, including seedling disease, Phytophthora root rot, Pythium root rot, Fusarium root rot Diseases, stem rot, bacterial wilt, and root-knot nematode diseases, the pathogens of these diseases rely on soil as a carrier to spread by water. Single plant or disease caused dead plants. The most effective way to prevent and treat this type of disease is to disinfect the soil. Soil disinfection methods include methyl bromide, vitamins, cotton, calcium cyanamide, fumigation, and can be used in conjunction with high-temperature stuffy sheds.

Second, when transplanting seedlings and planting hole disinfection must be in place: in the absence of soil disinfection, the most simple and effective way to prevent dead trees is to adopt disease-resistant varieties or rotation for the grafting or grafting technology, but the scope of the prevention of disease is limited . In recent years, widely used methods for applying acupuncture points, such as root knot nematodes, acupuncture points, avermectin products or biofungus are all good. Prevention and treatment of various fungal diseases can be applied to gold mine and Amisida. Prevention and treatment of bacterial diseases can be applied noble copper or copper hydroxide. When planting and transplanting, first use Amisite or Ami Miao to receive a tray, and then use Amisidajia Jinleijia copper noble spray caves, this method is good to prevent dead trees.

Third, the basic fertilization materials are particular about: 15,000 kilograms per mu level, there must be a certain amount of basal fertilizer for the guarantee. According to Shouguang's experience, Mushi's cooked chicken and duck manure is more than 10 square meters, potassium sulfate compound fertilizer is 100 kilograms, diammonium 50 kilograms, biological bacterial fertilizer is 100 kilograms, and conditionally increased maturity of soybean or soybean cake is more than 200 kilograms. Trace elements are mainly applied boron-zinc fertilizer, 1 kg per acre.

Fourth, disease prevention at the seedling stage is indispensable: After transplanting and transplanting, the main diseases of the tomato are root diseases and leaf diseases. The root diseases are as described above, so long as the above-mentioned methods are used for prevention and control. Leaf diseases are mainly planted after transplanting and planting, such as late blight, early blight, leaf mold, brown spot, bacterial canker, and gray mold. The author believes that as long as the regular spraying of Amisidagala after colonization is noble, once in 12 days, generally no leaf disease will occur. At the same time, timely control of Bemisia tabaci, thrips and aphids, as soon as possible with Rui Sheng (effective ingredient thiamethoxam) irrigation roots, to prevent the occurrence of viral diseases is essential.

Fifth, the combination of promotion and control needs to be done: The seedling stage is at a time of high temperature and strong light, and it is easy to cause leggy seedlings. This period should be mainly to promote root growth and inhibit the growth of the shoot. Temperature difference should be increased, the night temperature 18 °C ~ 20 °C, during the day 25 °C ~ 30 °C, you can use shade nets, cooling agents, curtains, large ventilation and other measures. In the early period, it should be moderately arid, cultivating windrows, and promoting roots under the bar. Can use more than love, naphthalene acetic acid, chitin, rooting powder with Rui Sheng Irrigation root, to pest control, disease prevention, strong seedlings, rooting the comprehensive effect.

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