Powder processing

Mung bean powder

Take 1 kg of mung bean powder, 9 kg of warm water at 30°C, and 10 g of white peony powder. Stir quickly and stir into thin paste. After filtering with gauze, waffle the paste and use a large fire. After stirring, stir quickly until the blisters are mushy, that is, the end pan or flameout, immediately pour into a solid tempered glass or smooth hardwood board, use a fader (specially used to smooth the smooth movement of the pink skin Fader) Push it evenly, dry it, and roll it into a roll.

Potato powder

100 kilograms of potatoes were washed, peeled and ground into powder; then 180 kg of water and 1 kg of white peony were mixed. Stir evenly into a paste. When making the powdered skin, boil water in a large iron pan, place the potato flour paste on a flat-bottomed aluminum plate or square pot, and then put the flat round (square) plate upside down by hand so that a small amount of the powdered paste inside is distributed evenly. At the end of the dish, the dish is then placed on the surface of the water and is constantly oscillated. When the paste becomes a paste, the dish is submerged in boiling water until it is turned to a transparent state, ie, it is put into cold water and cooled, and then the dough is peeled off. Serve up.

Glowing Anti Slip Tape

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