Planting and transportation costs rise fruit prices "crazy"

Cantaloupe 4.5 yuan / kg, litchi 12 yuan / kg, 11 yuan / kg ... early summer festival, all kinds of present fruit has always been the public's favorite, the reporter recently visited to see, with the seasonal market fresh, this year's The market price of fruit is particularly "fire," and many people lament that it costs hundreds of dollars to buy a fruit.

Citizen laments fruit prices this year "crazy"

"This year's fruit is really expensive. From last year, Jiangxi Sweet Orange has gone from 10 yuan and 3 catties all the way to the present 5 yuan/jin." Aunt Li once squeezed orange juice for her son who had already taken part in the college entrance examination. She told reporters with exclamation. The imported Sunkist Orange also sold at 9 yuan/kg in the supermarket. This year, the fruit price was too high to get people to work.

Ms. Liu, who picked fruit at the Guangfu Market in Xinxiangzhou, also said that in previous years, the local fruit of Guangdong Province was less than 7 yuan/kg, but this year it has already reached the rank of “aristocratic” fruit and sold it for more than 10 yuan. Doumen melon also costs 3 yuan. It costs more than 4.5 yuan. Many consumers and fruit stall owners have stated that fruit prices have risen again and again in the past two years. This year's fruit prices are really “crazy”. There are even consumers who say they are starting to reduce the daily fruit consumption.

Watermelon is the best product for clearing away heat and it is getting hotter and hotter as the weather gets hotter. Reporters visited and saw that this year only the price of watermelons is more “civilian” and it is still about 1.5 yuan/kg, which is a pleasant surprise.

Rising planting and transportation costs pushed up the price of fruit According to Wu Hanzhang, deputy manager of the municipal wholesale and logistics center, the watermelon was relatively expensive in the previous period, and the market price of watermelons slipped down along with the maturity of watermelons. The current wholesale price of watermelons is 5 hairs/kg. about. “The watermelons of our city are mainly imported from Hainan and Guangxi. We see from the sales volume of 300 tons per day in the wholesale market. The swelling agent does not affect the sales volume of watermelons.”

“This year’s fruit is generally more than 20% more expensive than last year. It is mainly due to the increase in planting and transportation costs, such as manual labor costs for drivers, overpass fees, and rising fuel costs, all of which have driven up fruit prices. The fruit makers must lose money.” Wu Hanzhang said that currently litchi on the market in the city mainly comes from Hainan and Zhanjiang, and the market is small and unappetizing. “This year, due to the low temperature in the southern region, the period of listing of litchi lags behind. In early May of last year, There will be a large number of listings, and this year it will only be listed in small quantities in mid-May, and the listing will be postponed for a month, which will cause the price of the previous period to be 'strong.' In the next 10 days, litchi will be listed on a large scale, and the price will also drop. The local melon last year No one wanted it. This year it was no-one species. The price of local melons that caused this year's 'civilian' was also on the branch."

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