Pigeon age discrimination method

The age of pigeons can usually be identified from the following aspects: First, identify pigeon feathers according to their replacement. The main wing feather is used to identify the age of the youngster. There are 10 main wing feathers of the pigeons. At the age of 2 months, the first one is replaced. After the first one is replaced every 13-16 days, and when it is changed to the last one, the pigeons are about 6 months old and are mature. Began to pair production. There are 12 secondary wing feathers of the pigeons, which can be used to identify the age of the old birds. Auxiliary wing feathers are replaced one at a time from the inside to the outside. Replaced feathers appear dark and clean. Second, according to the size of the capsule on the pigeon cavity, with or without identification. The bursa of the pigeon is located above the cloaca. The cavities of the youngster's cavities are relatively large, and they become smaller when they are old birds. After a few years, the bursa on the cavity becomes very small, or only a trace remains. Third, according to the shape of the pigeon dove and the corner of the mouth to identify. The older you are, the more blunt and smooth the tip of your gill. The end of the pigeon's cockroach is pointed, soft and slender; the cockroach's cockroach's cockroach is thicker and stiffer; the adult cockroach's cockroach is thicker and shorter, and its end is hard and slippery.

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