Non-pollution Prevention of Edible Pests

1, sweet and sour liquid trapping method. The syrup, vinegar, liquor, dichlorvos, water according to the ratio of 2:3:1:4:90 formulated into a liquid, and then soaked with gauze or cotton balls liquid, remove and wring out and cover the surface of the culture medium. The pests smelled of sweet and sour odor, that is, they climbed onto the medicine cloth or cotton wool and were poisoned. Can also be vinegar, sugar, dichlorvos, fried yellow bran by the ratio of 1:5:10:84 mix, sprinkled around the mushroom bed and culture material surface, trap and kill pests.
2, light trapping method. Using the characteristics of insect phototaxis, a bright bulb was installed in the mushroom house, and a pot of water was placed below, and a few drops of kerosene were added to the water. This method has a good effect of killing and killing pests such as mushroom mosquito, mushroom fly, black-bellied fruit fly and cockroach. It can also be sprayed on the transparent plastic film, spray 1-2 times a day, even spray 3-4 times, you can kill the insects inside the mushroom house.
3, contact law. In case of medlar cultivation, spraying 1%-2% detergent powder solution can kill mushroom fly and aphid when pests on the material surface occur.
4, insecticide law. When adding spices, add 0:5% salt and 3% ash, which can play a strong role in deworming and prevention.
In addition, insecticides such as mushroom fly, mushroom grave, and nematode can also be controlled by pyrethrum (1 g/m2) in plant ash. Spread evenly on the surface of the culture medium and spread it for 2-3 days. This can prevent insects and prevent disease. The effect is very good.

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