Misuse of prescriptions leads to tragedy

Misuse of prescriptions leads to tragedy In Weihai Economic Area, a woman bought a bottle of aminopyrine caffeine tablets (naoqing tablets) that was prescribed drugs at a pharmacy without prescription and then swallowed about 100 tablets, which became a vegetative state. Weilin Municipal District Court Fenglin The court recently ruled that the pharmacy’s compensation amounted to nearly 140,000 yuan.

On October 14, 2011, Wang bought a bottle of aminopyrine caffeine tablets classified as prescription drugs at a pharmacy in Weihai District without prescription. Wang Mou later swallowed about 100 tablets of the drug. He developed symptoms such as confusion and deep coma. He was diagnosed with severe drug poisoning, toxic encephalopathy, acute respiratory failure, acute renal failure, and drug-induced liver damage.

After the royal family spent nearly 350,000 yuan in medical expenses, Wang still did not regain consciousness and became a vegetative person. He was identified as a person without civil capacity, and his injuries constituted first-degree disability. On January 4th, 2012, the Wang family arrested the pharmacy who illegally sold the prescription drug aminopyrine caffeine tablets to court, and asked the defendant to compensate 30% of the disability compensation, lost time, nursing fees and late medical expenses totaling more than 1.95 million yuan. More than 580,000 yuan.

According to the judge hearing the case, according to the first paragraph of Article 18 of the Measures for the Supervision and Administration of the Distribution of Pharmaceuticals (Order No. 26), pharmaceutical retail enterprises should comply with the requirements of the State Food and Drug Administration's pharmaceutical classification management regulations. Prescription drugs are sold by prescription. Wang bought and swallowed aminopyrine caffeine tablets prescription drugs, prescriptions prescribed by the doctor's prescription can be purchased, and used under the guidance of a doctor. Pharmacy violation of the relevant provisions of the state to sell prescription drugs illegally, is the wrongdoing, this behavior led to Wang easily obtained prescriptions to buy aminopyrine caffeine tablets to take, and caused serious damage to the consequences of Wang's damage with the pharmacy's fault There is a certain correlation between behaviors, pharmacies should bear the corresponding liability for compensation.

After trial, the court ruled that the pharmacy’s compensation for Wang’s economic losses amounted to 1,39,222.92 yuan. The pharmacy party dissatisfied with the verdict and appealed recently.


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