Man eats spicy food and insomnia

Their sleep time has been shortened, mainly as a result of less sleep time and a longer period of time.

Experts said that spicy has a certain impact on people's sleep.

Spicy foods have many advantages. They both have qi and blood circulation, eliminate qi stagnation, blood stagnation, promote blood circulation and body metabolism, stimulate gastrointestinal motility, increase secretion of digestive juices, increase appetite, and remove cold and other effects.

A recent research team conducted a survey on a group of healthy men. A significant change in sleep patterns was observed after a group of people had eaten foods containing spicy ingredients.

1, pepper, pepper, pepper, garlic and other ingredients on the gastrointestinal stimulation is also very large, and easy to cause stomach burning sensation;

2, spicy food in the digestion process will consume the body's sleep promoting medium. So even though you eat spicy food, you can feel happy and cool, but if you want a good night's sleep, it's best to stay away from the hot pot, spicy pot, spicy, boiled fish and so on.

3. Capsaicin and other stimulants contained in pepper stimulate the human tongue to stimulate the central nervous system and nerve endings in various parts of the body, resulting in rapid heartbeat, increased body temperature, and a longer period of excitement.

Therefore, it is reasonable to stop eating foods containing spicy ingredients and get a healthy balance by taking a balanced intake.

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