Integrated control of rust on the onion

At present, the occurrence of small onion disease is widespread. Farmers have no control over the prevention and treatment of rust, which often results in reduced onion production and deterioration of quality and affects onion farmers' income. For this reason, based on the actual situation in the country, a rust prevention and control method was proposed.
The first is a reasonable rotation. In the same area, it is not appropriate to plant shallots on the same land. It should generally be changed every year. In the absence of rotation conditions, it should not be continued after the occurrence of rust.
The second is to apply base fertilizer before transplanting. Per acre of small green onions can be used to compost 3,000 tons of pig manure, 45% of NPK fertilizer 25 kilograms, and after the ripening and uniform, and then transplanted onion.
The third is to improve the disease resistance of onion strains. In addition to doing field management work such as drought resistance and falling, etc., in the spring and fall period, 15-20 kg of ammonium bicarbonate should be applied per acre to promote growth of young onions and resist diseases.
The fourth is the timely use of medication. In spring and autumn, especially in the continuous rainy days 2-3 days, we must promptly check the occurrence of scallion rust, if you find brown onion on the onion leaf immediately to fight drugs, generally available 25% triadimefon EC 3,000 times Liquid, add one-fourth detergent powder, spray fine mist with a sprayer, after the first application, every 7-10 days need to prevent and control again, in order to improve the disease prevention effect.

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