Huang Hao efficient feeding technology

Astragalus is a carnivorous fish. Its main foods are quail, cockroaches, fly maggots, small fish and shrimp, cocoon, and river meat. Artificial feeding, in the case of insufficient animal feed, can also be fed some plant foods, such as bran, rice, melon peel and so on.

First, "four set" efficient feeding technology

Huang Biao’s investment should adhere to “Four Sets”. The specifics are:

1. Qualitative: Don't feed rancid food, feed fresh food.

2. Quantitative: The amount of daily feeding should be adjusted according to the amount of food in the previous day, with a slight degree of excess, and it can be fed at 5% of the total weight of Astragalus membranaceus. Feeding must not be too frequent, too much feeding, too much bulimia eating too much bulging bulging disease; too little jaundice grow slowly, and even cause large quail eat small pimple phenomenon.

3, timing: In accordance with the habits of Astragalus, feeding should generally be carried out in the evening.

4. Positioning: In order to make the astragalus develop the habit of eating at designated places, it is convenient to observe the eating conditions of the eel and remove the residual eel, and a fixed food field should be set up to feed at a fixed place. Available wooden frame or polyethylene mesh cloth made food table. In order to avoid food shortage in the cluster of yellow locusts, the food table should be properly dispersed and set several more.

Second, the matters needing attention

At present, the seedlings of the cultured Astragalus are mainly collected in the wild. When the animals are initially stocked, they are not suitable for the environment and generally do not eat artificial feed. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out feeding, otherwise it will easily lead to loss of appetite and cause breeding failure.

The specific method of taming is: the quail species is not fed for 3 to 4 days, so that the food in the quail species is digested and becomes an empty stomach. The pool water was allowed to dry and fresh water was added and the food was lured in the evening. At the time of attracting, chop chop and chop meat, which are most liked by yellow cockroaches, are chopped into small piles and placed on the side of the water inlet, and the water is properly injected to cause micro-flow. The first feeding amount was 1% to 2% of the pod weight. When the food is eaten in the morning of the second day, the amount of feed can be increased to 2% to 3%. If the food on the day cannot be eaten, the residual bait should be removed and on the second day, the feed amount should be fed on the previous day. Wait until the Astragalus eats normally. Bran, fruit, bean cake, etc. can be added to the feed. The first time, 1/5 can be added, and 1/5 of the tempted feed can be reduced. If the food is normal, one-fifth of the normal feed is added every day, and after 5 days, it is transferred to normal feeding.

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