How to water the fish pond in hot season

1. Change the water injection during the day to fill the water at night. Under normal weather conditions, adding water to the fish pond at night, especially at 3 to 4 o'clock or l to 2 o'clock in the evening, can increase the amount of dissolved oxygen in the pool water, improve the water building, avoid fish oxygen depletion, and prevent pans and diseases. There have been significant results. 2. Change the absorption of deep water into shallow water. When using a pump to add new water to a fish pond, it is usually the water pipe that is inserted deep into the water at a depth of 1 meter or deeper. The deep water is ingested. This kind of water has high organic matter content, low dissolved oxygen content and low water temperature. After the fish pond is injected into the fish pond, no fish can grow. Therefore, it is necessary to change the absorption of oxygen-rich shallow water, that is, to insert the suction pipe into water 30 cm. 3. Change the flow straight into slanting. When many fish farmers add new water to the fish pond, they place the pump hose in the middle of the pool and flush it directly into the pool, making it difficult to mix the newly injected water with the old water in the original fish pond for a while. Adjusting water quality is not rapid. After slanting, the newly injected water flow is easy to change direction, speeding up the mixing with the old water in the fish pond, and improving the water injection effect. 4. Change the water flow straight to the board. If new water is added to the fish pond, if the water flow falls directly from the height to the bottom of the flushing tank, due to the large amount of water and water flowing into the pond, the feed residue, excrement, and sludge deposited on the bottom of the pond will be overturned. A hollow pond will burst out at the bottom of the pool, causing the pool bowl to collapse. In order to prevent this from happening, a fixed wooden board can be placed under the water in the tribe to make the injected new water fall on the board and splashes of water to increase the amount of dissolved oxygen injected into the new water.

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