How to choose crops in autumn

In the autumn, various crops have matured one after another. It is a good time to retain the seeds of crops. As the saying goes: “It's a good idea to make a good scoop, so you can plant good seedlings.” This tells you to leave a good seed and seize the agricultural harvest in the coming year. Important role.

Selecting the criteria for leaving crop seeds to retain crop seeds must meet the following conditions: Straw stalks are neat, stout not fall down; spikes are large and numerous, grains are full; uniform color, no pests and diseases; yield is stable and of high quality.

Crop selection methods block selection. In the spring, the land to be planted is set up, and block selection or chip selection can be performed. When choosing to stay, remove the miscellaneous strains, diseased strains, and weak strains, and then mix and select them for planting. Selection of panicles. Prior to the autumn harvest, plant selection and panning were carried out on plots that were planned to be planted. First of all, we must fully understand the characteristics of the variety, and then choose to retain the strong, strong stress resistance, spikes and grains of a single plant, single ear sowing. Positioning is preferred. That is, seed selection is based on the best genetic advantage of the crop. Also called positioning selection. Positioning and seed selection can fully transfer the excellent performance of the variety to the next generation, and fully and effectively exert the improved yield performance of improved varieties. The best genetic advantage for several crops is:

Among the dominant maize crops, the best genetic advantage is in the middle and lower parts of the ear. The seeds used for this species are 35.4% more than the top.

Sorghum is a dominant crop on the top of the crop. The seeds in the upper part of the sorghum are full, full, well developed, and strong in growth. They have strong genetic advantages for the traits of high yield and high yield. The use of seeds with more than 1/3 of total spikes as a seed was 8.7% higher than that of seeds with mixed whole ears.

Rice is a dominant crop on the top of the plant. The upper part of the panicle is full and full of grain, and the weight of one thousand grains is high. The growth ability is strong. The use of the upper grain as the seed yield increased 13.2% and 17.4% respectively compared with the middle and lower grains.

Soybean is a dominant crop in the central region. With limited breeding habits, the strongest genetic advantage is in the upper part of the stem; the indeterminately knotted variety is in the lower part of the stem; and the limited-cultivation varieties mostly appear in the middle state. Plant selection in the strong genetic predominance can generally increase production by about 10%.

Seed Selection Notes Fall selection is limited to self-crop crops. Hybrid crops should not be selected for seed retention. After selecting the seeds, we must pay attention to drying dehydration, so that the seed moisture falls within the safe moisture range, so that the seeds can be safely stored over winter.

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