Goats are good for October

Dairy goats have a gestation period of 152 days. If they are pregnant in October, they can breed lambs in February and March of the following year. The benefits are: First, the climate is gradually warming, and the grass begins to germinate. The natural environment is extremely beneficial to the ewes' lactation and survival of lambs. Second, the mother lambs produced in early spring reach about eight months of age and weigh more than 35 kilograms. Monthly mating can also increase the reproductive rate and speed up the turnover period. Third, the ewes follow the physiological laws and enter the peak of lactation during the third month after delivery. Lambing in early spring can ensure that ewes can eat black locust leaves and green grass at the peak of lactation, which can increase milk production and increase economic benefits. Therefore, we must pay close attention to the ewes in October.

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