Functional Toothpaste Encountered Enforces Risk Appearance of Pharmaceutical Companies

Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste “effect door” is difficult to extinguish the enthusiasm of the industry to enter the high-end toothpaste market. Since August, a large number of functional toothpaste has begun a intensive advertising campaign and promotion plan.

Unlike the near-saturated low-end market, the high-end toothpaste market is still a blue ocean. A group of pharmaceutical companies sang the protagonist, greatly overwhelming Procter & Gamble and Colgate. Most of the high-priced toothpastes with medicinal functions have a high ingredient in publicity and are inconsistent with relevant regulations. In the face of the "Effective Toothpaste Standard" that was imposed in September this year, the company's toothpaste sideline may once again face consumers' questions and business risks.

Identification confusion and illegal propaganda

In a pharmacy in Beijing's CBD area, functional toothpaste on the shelves can be described as dazzling, with nearly 10 brands ranging from 20 yuan to more than 70 yuan. Basically, these toothpastes are mainly used for medicinal functions. On the outer packaging, the words “anti-allergic”, “repair of mucosal damage”, “swelling and pain relief” are clearly marked. The manufacturers are all well-known pharmaceuticals such as China, Japan and Germany. enterprise. In supermarkets, the products of the “Pharmaceutical Companies” background such as Yunnan Baiyao and Cozyda are very competitive with the functional toothpastes of Japanese cosmetic giants such as Crest, Colgate, China, and Black.

In the low-end toothpaste market, Crest, Colgate and the three major brands in China accounted for more than 60% of the market share. The second-tier camp is basically occupied by two-sided, cold-acid, black-mei, etc. Only the high-end market is still profitable. Before and after 2006, major pharmaceutical companies entered the functional toothpaste market one after another.

In the investigation, the reporter found that the identification and propaganda of functional toothpaste in China is still in confusion. In addition to very few products, most of the functional toothpaste packaging is not marked on the QB-2966, but is labeled with the toothpaste production standard GB8372. According to the "Effective Toothpaste Standard" issued by the National Development and Reform Commission in 2008, the efficacy of the functional toothpaste must have " "Verification Report" document support, "Efficacy Clinical Trial Report" must be issued by the School of Stomatology, Institute of Stomatology, and labeled QB-2966 on the package.

It is understood that the "Effective Toothpaste Standard" will be imposed only from September this year. Within the 30-month buffer period before this, some enterprises have adopted a strategy of waiting and seeing the policy and first plunging into the market. In an interview, the reporter found that the promoters of most supermarkets and pharmacies were only recommending to consumers in accordance with the product descriptions, and they were unaware of the QB-2966 to be enforced and could not explain accordingly.

According to industry sources, the September injunction will be a test for pharmaceutical companies. In particular, after experiencing the “functionality door” of Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste, many consumers began to pay special attention to packaging labels and “functional clinical trial reports”, and companies are likely to refuse to publicize relevant reports on the grounds of “technical confidentiality”. Shanghai Institute of Stomatology Feng Xiping told the media: "Clinical trials have proved to be mainly issued during inspections by relevant departments, but whether or not the trial is open to consumers proves that this is the manufacturer's own wishes. At present, professional content in clinical trials affects Whether the relevant departments can be carefully examined. In big cities such as Beijing or Shanghai, relevant management departments, such as industry and commerce, have begun to pay attention to the training of personnel in some specialized fields."

Sun Jicheng, a senior daily chemical expert, believes that in the future, the social torture of medical functions under the protection of policies will be more powerful, and the conflicts and controversies between consumer rights protection and secret protection of pharmaceutical companies will continue.

In addition, the state has strict regulations on the efficacy of toothpaste. In the implementation guideline of the “Manufacturing Regulations for Cosmetic Logos” that was formally implemented in September 2008, oral hygiene care products such as toothpaste and mouthwash have been explicitly incorporated into the category of cosmetics for supervision. At the same time, this regulation strictly regulates the efficacy of oral care products: “The following terms must not be used for oral care products: treatment, treatment, periodontitis (peripheral disease), pericoronitis, periodontal (periodontal, gingival, alveolar) ) Abscesses, mouth ulcers, gingival atrophy, symptoms, etc."

The “Code for the Administration of Cosmetics Labeling” implementation guide also states that cosmetics labels should not be marked “explicitly or implied contents with medical effects.” “Cosmetics labels must not make consumers mistakenly believe that the product can have a therapeutic effect on a certain disease.”

Obviously, most of the functional toothpaste propaganda and packaging instructions violated and exceeded this rule. Many daily chemical and pharmaceutical companies are not right about this, saying that they need to verify and then give a response.

Sun Chengcheng said that due to the gradual growth of the drug and makeup market, the country has initiated a series of policy regulations in recent years. "The gradual development of the product will make the mystery of the pharmaceutical company's products weaker."

At the same time, once the high-end toothpaste market shakes, pharmaceutical companies will bear the brunt. The toothpaste products of Procter & Gamble, Colgate, etc. are distributed in various price ranges, and the risks can be offset to a certain degree, while pharmaceutical companies mostly gather in the functional toothpaste segment.

Profit driven by rubbing the ball

With so many regulations, why are so many drug companies still plunge into the toothpaste market?

“In 2009, China’s cosmetic sales reached more than 140 billion yuan, making it the third largest cosmetics market in the world after the United States and Japan, and it will increase at a rate of 20%-30% in the future. Many companies are eyeing this new product. "The cake." Sun teachs Cheng Cheng, saying that pharmaceutical companies make money in the field of daily chemical industry, it is a unique condition. Some day-to-day product equipment and pharmaceutical company equipment are common, so long as someone is asked to produce a recipe, it can be said to be full of resources and low in cost. At present, pharmaceutical companies either develop and produce their own products, or authorize others to do OEM production, and they also have started and built new brands.

Industry insiders also pointed out that the development of a new drug requires thousands or even hundreds of millions of dollars, and from research and development to entering the market, the cycle is longer, and clinical trials often take three to five years. And an ordinary cosmetics can be produced in a month, and the wheels of making profits are obviously accelerated. In particular, some Chinese medicine production enterprises, even if the market share of traditional products continues to increase, the company's growth is still very limited, and the application of traditional Chinese medicine to modern daily chemical products can create a new path for itself.

Yunnan Baiyao's Health Products Division has several daily chemical products, including Jinkoujian toothpaste and Yunnan Baiyao toothpaste. Yunnan Baiyoke Group Pharmaceutical E-commerce Co., Ltd. (e-commerce company) is responsible for distribution of health products. According to Yunnan Baiyao's 2009 financial report, the total profit of the e-commerce company was 141.13 million yuan this year, and the net profit was up to 19.72 million yuan. The other dozen or more subsidiary companies of the Yunnan Baiyao Group are basically pharmaceuticals and drugs. Both profit indicators are much lower than e-commerce companies. According to an investment company analysis, the significant increase in Yunnan Baiyao in the first half of 2010 was mainly due to the significant year-on-year growth in the toothpaste business.

The data show that in 2005 the toothpaste industry entered the era of low profit, the net profit of the entire industry was less than 5%, and the “medicinal toothpaste” broke this barrier.

Wang Minghui, chairman of Yunnan Baiyao, said: “The start-up investment for the Baiyao toothpaste project is only several million yuan, mainly due to some product R&D expenses and trial sales expenses. The subsequent investment mainly comes from rolling investment in front of profit.” It has been reported that Yunnan Baiyao only With millions of investments, it has achieved a value return of 4 billion yuan in just a few years.

However, in the eyes of people in the industry, most functional toothpastes are rubbing the ball. Sun Chengcheng told reporters that certain special effects are the motivation for consumers to choose such toothpaste, especially for companies with pharmaceutical backgrounds that are more likely to gain consumer trust. However, many day-to-day products are selling concepts and are often notorious. For example, papaya facial cleanser of the year, in fact, only contains papaya essence.

Dr. Cheng of the Department of Stomatology at China-Japan Friendship Hospital told the China Times: “Toothpaste is a kind of friction agent in the final analysis. It acts as a health care and cleansing function together with the toothbrush and cannot equal or replace the treatment and drugs. The concept of toothpaste can only help to eliminate inflammation, but it cannot remove the disease. For example, there is bleeding from the gums of the patient because the calculus has not been removed and it is impossible to brush the teeth to fundamentally suppress the bleeding."

Dr. Cheng also revealed that there will be manufacturers recommending functional toothpaste to doctors on weekdays. “But people who know doctors will ask questions about how to prove the efficacy of toothpaste. Therefore, we usually ask manufacturers to tell the principle of the product, and occasionally one or two kinds of toothpaste. It will be used for one use, but it will never be recommended to patients.” Moreover, evaluating the efficacy of medicinal use is a very complicated process. In the absence of clinical and self-testing, it is difficult for doctors to make a certain effect on toothpaste. in conclusion.

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