Flower Arrangement and Keeping Fresh

First, when the vase is used to handle the purchase of flower materials, the more elaborate flower shop will attach a fresh tube with fresh liquid to the end of the flower stem. With the fresh tube, the bouquet can be maintained under the condition of no bottle water. The nutrients for ~3 days can be requested from the flower shop when giving flowers. If you just buy your own appreciation, it is best to go home and arrange and remove the fresh tube.
Whether it is from the family garden or the flower shop bought back from the flower shop, we must properly clean and tidy the flower; first immersed the stem in water and then cut off the long part, so as to avoid air bubbles running into the air At the incision, the patency of the microtubule bundles in the stems is hindered, resulting in poor water absorption in the future.
The thirst of flowers and stems are cut into bevels or cross cuts to increase the area of ​​water absorption. Remember to reduce the amount of leaves on the stems by more than 1/2 to avoid excessive consumption of nutrients and water rot.
After finishing the trimming, place the bouquet in a bottle of water as soon as possible. The bottle water level is about 1/3 bottle height.
In addition to exquisite vases, the choice of bottle holders is that cups, empty bottles, pottery, pen holders, etc. are readily available as long as it is a container that will not leak water.
The total height of the flower and the height of the bottle body is generally about 3:2, so long as the center of gravity after the flower arrangement is stable, it will not knock down, and it will not block the flowers.
If the stem itself is also of ornamental value, choose a transparent bottle; if you only want to focus on the flowers, or want to cover the messy leaves, opaque bottle can be selected.
In general, the simpler the shape and color of the bottle, the more it can express the beauty of the plant itself; if it is desired because of personal preference or atmosphere for special occasions, it can also be creative on the bottle, and be transformed and decorated.
Second, extend the life of flowers Preservatives: calyx needs a great deal of nutrients in the process of bloom, add "preservation agent" in the bottle of water can provide a lot of help. Preservatives contain bactericidal components that inhibit the growth of bacteria in bottled water. The addition ratio can be used according to the attached reference instructions.
Alum: It has the effect of purifying water, and it has an inhibitory effect on bacteria in bottled water. It can be purchased in an aquarium or a western pharmacy. Take a small amount into the bottle of water and dissolve it completely before putting the flowers. As for whether vinegar, beer, alcohol, bleach, detergent, or soda are widely used in the bottle? Since the success rate is not stable, we do not recommend trying it.
Spa Resuscitation: If you cannot take care of bottle flowers because of holiday or other reasons, you will find that the flowers are in a dehydration state when you return. You can trim the stems by 5 cm to 1/2 and then sink the whole bouquet into a bucket of water. Allow it to absorb enough water for 2 hours. Another emergency method is to hold the bottom of the stem with a watering can to spray the stems and leaves of the whole plant and flow down to the flower part for about half an hour so that moisture can be absorbed everywhere. After such first aid, if the bouquet gradually returns to good condition, it can be inserted back into the bottle for viewing. If there is no improvement, it indicates that the floral material has been seriously damaged and it has to be abandoned to purchase new flowers.
Third, daily maintenance necessary daily water changes, is to take care of flowers can not be simple work, at any time to maintain a clean bottle of water, in order to ensure flower quality and extend the viewing period.
When some of the leaves and fruits of the flower begin to wither, they must be trimmed away to maintain their appearance and hygiene.
Every morning in the morning with softer sunlight or in the evening, the entire bottle of flowers can be moved to the edge of the window or a well-ventilated place with ventilation to make the flowers more beautiful and longevity.

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