Fertilizer special effects

Crop application of bacterial fertilizer has the following special effects:
1, to increase the role of fertilizer utilization. With the large-scale use of chemical fertilizers, it has been a well-known fact that its utilization rate is continuously decreasing. The Golden Baby Bacterium has a unique role in solving this problem. The application of microbial fertilizers and chemical fertilizers can not only ensure the increase of production, but also reduce the use of chemical fertilizers, reduce costs, and at the same time improve soil and crop quality and reduce pollution.
2. The role of green organic food production. With the continuous improvement of the people's living standards, especially people's requirements for improving the quality of life, both domestic and foreign countries are actively developing green agriculture (ecological organic agriculture) to produce safe, pollution-free green food. The production of green foods requires the use of (or limited use of) chemical fertilizers, chemical pesticides and other chemical substances that are not used or minimized. It requires that the fertilizer must first protect and promote the growth of the application object and improve quality; secondly, it does not cause the application object to produce and accumulate harmful substances; the third is no adverse impact on the ecological environment. Jinbao bacteria basically meet the above three principles. In recent years, according to the use of the situation throughout the country, Golden treasure not only can ease or reduce agricultural pollution, but also can improve the quality of agricultural products.
3, the role of environmental protection. It is an economically feasible and effective way to make microbial fertilizer by decomposing the municipal solid waste and agro-pastoral wastes through the specific functions of the Golden Baby.
4, improve the role of soil. The beneficial microorganisms in the golden baby bacteria can produce carbohydrates, accounting for 0.1% of the soil organic matter. Combined with plant mucilage, mineral embryos and organic colloids, it can improve the structure of the soil pellets, enhance soil physical properties and reduce soil particles. Losses, under certain conditions, can also participate in the formation of humus, which can improve the physical properties of the soil and help increase soil fertility.

The middle grade Black Goji Berry is the most cost-effective and the largest production. The medium grade black goji berry is suitable for making tea, mixing grain and dessert.

The middle grade black goji berry is the most cost-effective and the largest production. The medium grade black goji berry is suitable for making tea, mixing grain and dessert.

Black Wolfberry is popular in China. If you can introduce it to other countries, I think this is a new business opportunity.

Black goji berry grows in Qinghai-Tibet plateau China,where 3000 meters above the sea level,strong solar radiation, sunshine time up to 3600 hourshas, goodresistance tocold and dryconditions. The black goji berry grows in Gobi where people can not survive, it`s pure natural growth.

Black goji berry is rich in protein, LBP, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, trace elements and other nutrients. Also rich in natural proanthocyanidins, its OPC content more than blueberries (black fruit goji berry containing OPC 3690mg/100g; blueberries containing OPC 330 ~ 3380mg/100g). It is so far found the highest content of OPC in natural wild plants.Black Goji Berry Tea

Medium Black Goji Berry

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