Fermentation bed fermentation what conditions need

What are the conditions for the fermentation of the fermentation bed?

The fermentation bed is a new type of pig-raising mode in which the current sty of the sty of pigs' cement is changed to a floor with a fermentation function. The floor of the fermentation bed is paved with padding with broth added. The raw material for the litter is preferably sawdust, and rice husks and crop straws may also be used. Fermentation is the process of growth and reproduction of pigs' excreta as the main food, with the help of sawdust and other litter.

According to whether the padding advances during the fermentation, the fermentation bed technology is mainly divided into wet fermentation bed and dry-sprinkling two modes. The earlier fermentation bed was wet technology and exposed many defects during use. For many problems in the wet fermentation bed, Beijing Huaxia Kangyuan Technology Co., Ltd. developed a technology for the development of the Jinbao dry-sweeping fermentation bed. The dry-sweeping fermentation bed is easy to operate, pig raising efficiency, and long-term effect is reliable. It is a major progress and improvement of the fermentation bed technology.

The growth conditions of the functional bacteria in the fermentation bed include the proper nutrient sources of carbon and nitrogen in the litter, adequate oxygen supply, appropriate temperature, and moderate moisture content.

Fermentation is a process that consumes oxygen. The good air permeability of the litter not only satisfies the oxygen supply, but also discharges the waste gas generated by fermentation in time.

What are the conditions needed for that fermentation?

The first is the moisture, which is the basic condition for the normal growth of the fermentation bacterium, and how much water affects the growth of the bacterium.

Then there is the temperature, and the normal growth of the functional microbial flora in the fermentation bed requires a suitable temperature. The most suitable fermentation temperature for the fermentation bed is 30-40°C.

The most important thing is the thickness of the fermented mattress material. The fermented mattress material must maintain a suitable thickness. Only a certain thickness can guarantee the fermentation space and the fermentation power per unit area, and only a considerable thickness can have sufficient insulation layer to protect the heat of the intermediate fermentation layer and normal fermentation. However, too thick padding will cause the temperature of the fermentation layer to be too high, and the fermentation layer will have poor air permeability, which will affect the fermentation effect.

The thicknesses of the dry and wet fermentation mattress materials are different. The thickness requirement of the dunnage dry fermentation bed is 50-60cm, and most of the wet fermentation beds

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