Feeding and management of live pigs in midsummer to early autumn

First, scaffolding shade. In the hot season, you should take a shady shade around the house to prevent direct sunlight, planting grapes, pumpkins, and other vines before you go home. Let the vines cover the pergola.

Second, adjust the diet structure. During the midsummer period, the energy feed in the diet should be relatively reduced, increasing the green feed. Feeding pigs at night can reduce daytime activities. The feeding time can be performed at 7:00, 11:00, and 4:00 in the morning, feeding three times a night. During the day, 0.5% salt water and green leafy fodder can be fed after 10 am and 2 pm.

Third, for drinking enough water. Reduce the temperature inside the home. Rinse the wall in the ring with cool water to cool down.

Fourth, the water cooling pigs. Wash the body with a spray or shower, 2 to 4 times a day to help the body heat. The temperature of the first-out well is low and it can be sun-dried for a while before it can be used to rinse the pig. However, rinsing pigs with water should be arranged before feeding. Can not wash within 30 minutes after feeding, but can not suddenly rinse the head with water to prevent the pig's head blood vessels shrink and shock.

Fifth, feed heatstroke. 1 vinegar or sauerkraut juice, each time can be 250-500 ml belly, according to the size of the pig body increase or decrease. 2 white lentils. White lentils have the effect of relieving heat and stimulating the stomach, and can be used for 20-50 grams depending on the weight of the pig. 3 mung bean soup, take the amount of mung bean add water 20 times until the skin is rotten, cool, drink soup to eat beans. 4 Plants of plantain and light bamboo leaves are boiled into soup and mixed with the feed to feed the pigs. 5 watermelon rind. Use 2000 grams of fresh watermelon rind, smashed, and add 100 grams of sugar to mix, once every other day. At this time, all ventilation holes in the pig house should be opened to make the pig cool and comfortable. Every day, use 20% lime milk to spray the wall to disinfect the ground. Use 30% stone carbonate solution to disinfect all the feeding equipments and pay attention to the mosquitoes. Flies can be used to kill 1 fly trichlorfon, add 1000 copies of water spraying at the fly.

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