Fear of getting angry in the summer requires three defenses: anti-"wet", "hot" anti-"fire"

Some friends feel tired in the summer, but they don’t think it’s the same thing. They feel that “tire is a bit tired. It doesn't matter.” In fact, this is mostly caused by heavy moisture; however, when the “wet” state develops into insomnia over time, When I went to see a doctor when I couldn't sleep, I discovered that my body had gotten angry. “Fire” came into being and it took a long time to get it processed. Therefore, if you find that your body is a little tired, you should start conditioning. How to adjust?

First, feel tired? Due to the humidity

If we feel tired, there are symptoms such as poor appetite, thin stools, and thick white tongue, we can think of their body as heavy.

"Wet weight" is very simple to say. It is more water in the body. For example, people who are fat and swollen may have wet weight. Wet is a "visible evil", with heavy, turbid, sticky characteristics, wet is the performance of the fall, often manifested as edema of the feet, where to find places to sit down and lie down, it is easy to fall asleep There was no problem with the physical examination. This is a sign of heavy humidity.

Why is moisture heavy? There are two possibilities: First, the outer wet, now the beginning of summer, the small full has passed, followed by the Mang species, summer heat and solar energy come one after another, it is necessary to enter the rainy season, the rainy season is more rain, the air is more humid, so this is outside the wet; Internal wetness, which is caused by the spleen deficiency in the body, can be used to stimulate the spleen and dampness by conditioning, removing the wetness from the body, and it will not feel tired.

Wetness and trickiness also need to strengthen the spleen

People often have this type of misunderstanding: isn't it easy to get wet? Drink soup with dampness, such as soil glutinous rice and glutinous rice soup.

Professor Wei pointed out that using phlegm-repellent medicinal materials alone to treat soups and damps does not provide enough moisture, and it is not even possible to get wet. The correct approach is to pay attention to spleen.

"Moisture" is equivalent to a damp floor. The damp medicine is equivalent to a mop. The mop is simply used to mop the floor. The floor is not so easy to dry, and the qi and spleen medicine is like putting a fan and a fan. Blow, the floor will soon dry, dampness effect is obvious.

Dietetic Diet:

According to your own physical condition, in the first stage of “wet”, you can use the decoction that is good for the spleen and dampness, such as Beijiao and Wuzhimao with earthworm or lentil or glutinous rice soup. This will not only dampen but also add qi, and the human body will Very spiritual, not feel so tired.

Second, wet and long heat "Yin Yin Qi Qing heat" three-pronged approach

If the symptoms of physical fatigue are not timely conditioned, after the body has been “wet” for a long time, and if it is hotter in the summer, it will “wet and heat” and evolve into the second stage, “dampness and heat”.

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