Experimental animal immunization program

1. Antigen: protein, peptide, organelle, cell, tissue, etc.
2 , immune methods: subcutaneous injection, intraperitoneal injection, intravenous injection, intramuscular injection .
3. The amount of antigen required for immunization of different animals (taking protein immunization as an example)
>18-20kDa <18-20kDa
Animal antigen amount optimal antigen amount antigen amount optimal antigen amount
Rabbit 20-200 100 50-400 200
Mouse 2-40 15 4-60 40
Rat 10-50 30 20-150 50
Sheep 100-1000 200 200-1000 400
Hen 20-200 100 50-400 200
Unit: microgram
4 , immunization program (for immunized rabbits as an example):
Number of days 0 14 28 38 56 66 87
Injection xxxx
Blood collection 2ml 2ml 2+20ml 2+50-70ml
5 , pay attention to:
1) The first immunization is mixed with the immunogen with a complete adjuvant, and then the booster is mixed with the immunogen with an incomplete adjuvant, and a multi-point, time-interval immunoassay is employed.
2) If the rabbit is immunized with cells, the amount of cells required for each immunization is 2-3 x 10 7 cells.
3) After three consecutive immunizations, a small amount of blood is taken for ELISA to detect the antibody titer of the immunized animal, and the titer can reach 1:10,000-50,000. An immunization should be boosted one week before the immunization of the immunized animals.
4) If immunized with mice, a small amount of blood can be collected from the tail vein (about 50μl), and finally a large amount of blood is collected from the eyeball (about 500-1000μl); if immunized with rabbit, a small amount of blood can be taken from the ear vein (about 2mL), and finally Large amount of blood in the heart (50-100mL)
5) Serum was separated according to standard methods of serum preparation and dispensed in small portions and stored at -80 o C.
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