Excessive use of nitrogen fertilizer leads to serious growth of chili peppers

Wang Jianxiang, a vegetable farmer in Dongying City, planted peppers in greenhouses this spring. At the beginning of the season, the peppers were very prosperous. However, afterwards, the peppers in the sheds were wilting, resulting in poor growth. He informed the local agronomist that after diagnosis, the cause of this symptom in pepper was caused by improper fertilization. Although the hot pepper has been pulled out of the garden, Master Wang wants to understand the status of nutrients in the soil so as to solve the problems in the soil and provide reference for the fertilization of the manure. Therefore, he hopes to test the soil, but he does not know to He felt very distressed about where the reliability of soil testing was high. Later, he learned from the “Northern Vegetable News” that the Shouguang Soil and Fertilizer Testing and Research Center was able to test the soil samples. After consulting the soil retrieval method by telephone, he sent the soil samples to the Shouguang Soil Testing Center for soil testing. Soil nutrient content.

The results showed that the content of hydrolyzable nitrogen in the soil of Wang’s master greenhouse reached 936.0 mg/kg, which far exceeds the requirement that the highest content of soil hydrolyzable nitrogen for suitable vegetable growth does not exceed 150.0 mg/kg. The excessive use of nitrogen fertilizers, especially the excessive use of nitrate nitrogen fertilizers, is the cause of serious chili growth. When this happened, Master Wang did not realize that he needed to reduce the amount of fertilizer, but simply used naphthalene acetic acid to regulate the growth of the plants and promote fruit setting. As a result, the palliative treatment did not stop the root cause of plant growth. On the contrary, because the amount of fertilizer was too large, the total salt content in the soil reached 3.12g/kg, and the growth of pepper was poor.

For this reason, the reporter suggested that Master Wang can reduce the amount of nitrogen in the soil by using straw or unfermented organic manure by using fermented and fermented organic manure in the summer when the temperature is high, and the use of unfermented maturity. The more organic fertilizer, the greater the consumption of nitrogen fertilizer in the soil, the more beneficial the reduction of hydrolyzable nitrogen in the soil, and it is also beneficial to reduce the total salt content in the soil. When Wang Shichang grows sorghum vegetables, he can no longer use nitrogen fertilizer and only use a small amount of potassium fertilizer before the flowering results of vegetables. At the same time, it reminds Wang Shifu that although nitrate-nitrogen fertilizers are beneficial to the absorption and utilization of vegetables, nitrate-nitrogen fertilizers cannot be excessively used in planting vegetables to prevent excessive nitrogen fertilizer content in the soil.

In addition, it is necessary to remind Wang Shifu that the chloride ion content in his greenhouse soil reached 354.2 mg/kg, and the sodium ions in the soil reached 239.5 mg/kg, all exceeding the standard, which may be related to partial alkalization of the local soil. In this way, the vegetable grower can then wash away excessive chloride and sodium ions in the soil by means of pressure-salt method, thereby further reducing the total salt content in the soil to a range suitable for growing vegetables.

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