Enhancing the transparency of world grain reserves and stabilizing international food prices

The Minister of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection of Germany, Ilse Aigner, on the 22nd at the press conference of the International Minister of Agriculture Forum held during the Berlin International Green Week, expressed his hope to curb international food by increasing the transparency of the world's grain reserves. Market speculation to stabilize international food prices.

Aigner said: "Maintaining global food security and price stability is very important. It needs the cooperation of all countries and international organizations, and it must not let the international food market become the goal pursued by speculators."

Aigner believes that increasing the transparency of grain reserves is particularly important for reducing speculation and stabilizing the international food market. She said: "If grain reserves in countries around the world are more transparent, speculation in this area will be curbed because people know if there is a real shortage of grain in the world."

She also suggested that Europe set up an international financial trading system for agricultural products to hedge farmers' losses caused by fluctuations in food prices.

The "Berlin International Green Week" is the world's largest agricultural and food expo and is held once a year. This year is the 76th. The current Green Week was officially launched on the 21st for a period of 10 days, attracting more than 1,600 exhibitors from 57 countries.

This year is the third time for the International Green Ministers Forum in Berlin. At the forum, Director-General Lamy of the World Trade Organization and ministers of agriculture of various countries discussed the issue of food security at the global and regional levels.

During their discussions, ministers affirmed the important role of promoting global agricultural trade in stabilizing world food prices and safeguarding world food supply. However, there are still many differences among countries in how to promote international agricultural trade.

French Minister of Agriculture Bruno Lemel stated in a subsequent press conference that, according to Lamy’s judgment, the conditions for restarting the Doha round of negotiations this year were clearly better than last year. However, Lemel also said that in promoting the Doha round of negotiations, Europe may still make concessions in other areas, but in the agricultural sector can no longer make new concessions.

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