Do not feed fertilisers to boars

The quality of boars has a direct impact on the efficiency of raising pigs. A common phenomenon among rural pig farmers is the use of finishing pig feed to feed boars. As a result, boars often cause rapid growth, late sexual maturity, and poor libido. The testicular function is abnormal and sperm production does not occur normally.

So, why is it difficult to feed boars with fattening pigs? How do you prepare high quality and cheap boar feeds?

The boar energy level requires a lower boar than the finishing pig to maintain its own growth needs, semen production, mating activities and other energy needs, the general feed should reach 11.3-12.1MJ/kg. Feeds that meet nutritional standards in general, breeder boars are fed 2.3-2.5 kg per day.

The requirement of trace elements for boars is 0.85%-0.90% and 0.7%-0.8% for the content of calcium and phosphorus in finishing diets of high boars. The reasonable content of manganese and iron is 20-per kg diet. 30 mg, 80-90 mg.

The vitamin E requirement of the boar is higher than that of the boar's high boar diet after adding vitamin E 40-80mg/kg, and the fertility will be significantly enhanced. In addition to the need to use specialized feed for boars, adding 0.5–1 kg of fresh green feed every day can keep the boar's good appetite and libido, and improve the quality of the semen.

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