Do a good job of sunflower field selection

Sunflowers are cross-pollination crops. In recent years, there have been many plantings in different parts of the country. In some places, attention has not been paid to the field selection work. There have been problems such as mixed degradation of varieties, poor quality, and low oil content. The yield and quality of sunflower seeds are very high. Great influence. According to experience, field selection before sunflower harvest is a simple and effective way. According to the research, the seeds grown in the field after planting are more than 20% to 25% more than the unselected seeds, and the growth and development progress is even and the maturity is consistent.

First, field selection should seize four links

1. To determine the suitable varieties for local planting, select plants with the characteristics of the varieties.

2. Choose disease-free live plants and plants with no branches, large disk, full seeds, and medium height.

3. Select the convex and slightly convex disk. The disk inclination is 45 to 70 degrees with the stem. Because the discs with small inclinations are not well-grounded, they are also vulnerable to damage from birds and germs. The mature discs with large inclinations are buried in the leaves, and the seeds are easy to mold and inconvenient to harvest.

4. After removing the faceplate, it shall be transported separately, aired separately, threshed individually, and stored separately.

Second, use fine varieties

Sunflower is divided into oil sunflower and sunflower. The oil sunflower is short and has small grains. It is mainly used for oil extraction. The sunflower has higher plant size and large grains. It is generally used for foraging or as a food additive. Oil sunflower is best to use high-yield, high-oil hybrids, such as white sunflower hybrid No. 4, Jikuza No. 1, Hungary No. 4, etc.; edible sunflower can choose white 97-1, inch loquat, Changling Dagu and so on.

Third, the selection method

During the middle and late stages of sunflower growth, combining snoring and artificially assisted pollination, select plants that are not divided into weights, have no harm to pests, have the same appearance as the species, have the same plant height and maturity, and have medium-sized discs. .

Studies have shown that the kernels in the middle part of the flower disk are medium in size, full and full of nutrients, and these fruits are used as seeds. The grown seedlings are strong and the root systems of the plants are well developed. Therefore, it is best to leave the fruit in the middle part of the disk as a seed.

Fourth, timely harvest

About 7 weeks after the blooming period of sunflower, from the external morphology, the stems, the upper leaves of the plants, and the back of the plants turned yellow, and the ray flowers turned yellow-brown, the tubular flowers fell off, and the hulls became hard, which reached maturity at this time. , should be timely harvest.

V. Good storage and keeping

When the moisture content of seeds reaches 8% to 9%, they are stored in bags. The winter temperature is maintained at 3 °C ~ 7 °C, the summer temperature does not exceed 25 °C. In this way, the seed germination rate can be maintained at about 95% within 1 to 3 years. The fourth year fell to 85% to 95%, while in the fifth year it dropped rapidly to 57% to 85%. Therefore, the storage life of sunflower seeds should generally not exceed four years.


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