Cotton topping to make up for fat

After the cotton is topping, it is the time when each part of the organs competes for the most intense nutrients. The development of young bells after flowering requires nutrients, the buds increase, the flowering needs nutrients, the elongation of the upper fruit branches and the emergence of new leaves and buds require nutrients. If the supply of nutrients is insufficient, it is not the reduction of the middle and lower parts of the bell, which is the absence of bells in the upper part, or the premature decline of the plants, the loss of leaves, and the reduction of the boll weight after the belling. Solid should be supplemented with rhizosphere fertilization and foliar spraying in a timely manner. Nitrogen and potash fertilizers should be the main supplements. Phosphorus fertilizers should be added to the phosphorus-deficient soil.

It should also be noted that, should be combined with foliar fertilizer, in every 15 kilograms of liquid into the appropriate amount of cotton Zhuang Ti Ling capsule, make cotton nutrition delivery catheter thicker, increase the amount of nutrient delivery, increase cotton bouncing activity and resistance, speed up the cotton Tree cycle buds, circular bolls, improve fiber quality. At the same time, various pesticides and foliar fertilizers can increase efficiency by 30%.

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