Correct application of organic fertilizer

Organic fertilizer can effectively improve soil physicochemical properties, increase soil organic matter content, improve soil structure, supplement multiple trace elements in soil, and have long-lasting fertilizer effect and no pollution. But it must be applied correctly in order to obtain the desired results. 1. The long-term application of organic manures and the slow release of nutrients from base plants and deep-seated organic fertilizers should generally be used as basal fertilizers. Deep plowing combined with the application of organic fertilizers is conducive to the integration of soil and fertilizer, promote the formation of soil aggregate structure, and effectively improve the soil. 2. The application of organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers in conjunction with organic fertilizers and chemical fertilizers can be used to supplement each other, provide urgency, complement each other, and fully ensure that there is sufficient nutrient supply during the whole growth period of the crop, thereby increasing crop yield. 3. The nutrient content in the sheep manure is the highest in the livestock manure, and the decomposition rate is faster and the manure is more fierce. In order to achieve stable manure, pig manure or cow manure should be added to the sheep manure. Human fecal urine is a fast-acting organic fertilizer that should be applied with crude organic fertilizer and phosphorus and potassium fertilizers. Long-term application of human excreta will cause soil compaction and cannot be used continuously. It should be reused at intervals. When human urine is used as base fertilizer and top dressing, it should be diluted with water 3-4 times before application, timely covering the soil after application, to prevent ammonia from volatilization, and the amount of 1 application should not be too large. 4. Crop manure can be applied to general crops due to manure, but the most suitable crops are leafy vegetables, cereals and fiber crops. Human urine contains a large amount of chlorine, so it should not be applied to crops such as sweet potatoes, tobacco, and potatoes. 5. Application method Organic manure should be applied in trenches or digging pits. Apply soil immediately after application and do not spread fertilizer on the surface. Applying organic fertilizer on vegetables can be used together with the "Manchu Spring" microbial inoculum to produce better fertilizer. 6. Decomposition of stacking fermentation Organic fertilizers often contain germs, eggs, and weed seeds. They do not undergo decomposing and are unfavorable to crop growth. They should be treated by stacking and fermentation. 7, fertilizer should not be too large Organic fertilizer is large, containing low nutrients, need to be used in large quantities to meet the growth needs of the crop, but not as much as possible. If planting Chinese cabbage, Mushi roasted organic fertilizer 4000-6000 kg is sufficient. Excerpted from China Agricultural Press>

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