Controlling Diseases and Pests of Summer Vegetables with Suitable Chemicals

In summer, vegetables, pests and diseases of various types occur more sturdy, and management and management are difficult. In production, we must grasp the following three points:
Prevent pests and diseases. During the period from late June to early August before the beginning of autumn, the temperature is high and the humidity is relatively high. Solanaceous vegetables often cause various diseases, causing defoliation and fruit rot, such as eggplant blight, verticillium wilt, and tomato. Umbilical rot, pepper anthrax, and so on, in addition to strengthening field management in production, but also actively prevent, in the early stages of the disease in a timely manner to select appropriate chemical agents for targeted prevention. At the same time, pests such as locusts, cabbage caterpillars, tobacco budworms, cotton bollworms, whitefly, aphids and the like, in addition to fruit and vegetable damage, can also endanger leafy vegetables. In order to ensure the safety of vegetables and improve the control effect, we must choose highly efficient, low-toxic, low-residue pesticides.
Flood control and drought resistance. From July to September, it is the flood season in the northern region. Especially when it comes to heavy rains and heavy rains, it often causes a certain loss of vegetable production. Therefore, when planting summer vegetables, it is necessary to choose a plot with high dryness and convenient drainage. After the rain, the trench will be drained in time.
More collocation with planting, wrong production. In order to reduce the risk of planting, fruit and vegetable vegetables and leafy vegetables can be used together. For the short production cycle of leafy vegetables, but it is not easy to store for a long time after harvesting, it can adopt the method of harvesting in the wrong planting period and harvesting in the wrong time, which can lengthen the vegetable harvesting period.

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