Citrus Summer Management Technology

Summer is the time of citrus management. Citrus fruits are in fruit enlargement and require a large amount of fertilizer. It is also in the rainy season. It is a high temperature and high humidity. It is the peak of citrus diseases and pests. It ensures the quality of citrus, increase production, and increase income. It is very important to strengthen the management of summer citrus groves. The specific measures are:

First, timely eradicate the summer shoots, apply good fertilizer, and promote fruit stability and fruit: citrus fruit trees in the May to June will Lu Ji hair extraction, leading to fruit contradiction, increased physical fruit drop. When the summer shoots that are successively sent out grow to 3 cm to 5 cm in length, they should be wiped from the base and wiped every 5-7 days. Each time the water is applied 2-3 times, it will be used to supplement the consumption of summer shoots. Nutrients and nutrients needed for fruit growth are generally 10-20kg per liquid fertilizer (or bran-fermented water) and 0.1-0.3kg compound fertilizer. At the same time sparse dense branches, diseased branches and excessively weak branches. For artificial fruit thinning for excessive fruiting, retain a lot of robustness, remove small fruit, malformed fruit, disease and fruit.

Second, spraying leaf surface fertilizer to maintain fruit and strong fruit: in the rainy hot season is conducive to the growth of nutrients, but is not conducive to the growth of young fruit, must be sprayed in time to maintain the fruits and fruits. It is possible to use foliar fertilizers with high quality and high quality ingredients. Such as amino acids, green wang, phosphorus and potassium, while supplementing various trace elements such as boron, magnesium, zinc and molybdenum. For fruit trees that are over-promoting, (especially shatangjue) are circumcised on the trunk.

Third, timely control of pests. Summer is the peak period of larvae such as orange spider mites, scale insects, whiteflies and roundworms, etc., with 1.8% avermectin plus daphne or good year winter, imidacloprid, high chlorine horse, acetamiprid, 25% flutter虱 Lingling prevention and control; and prevention of ulcer disease, soot, anthrax, can choose to use agricultural streptomycin, chlorpyrifos, mancozeb, 50% sore charcoal, 10% Shigao, 70% 甲托 etc. Chemical control. The Huanglong disease tree was completely removed and one plant was cut off.

Fourth, do a good job of orchard irrigation and drainage work. In May-July, during the “meiyu” season, the low-lying water plots in the citrus groves should be drained in time to lower the groundwater level in order to facilitate the normal growth of the roots of fruit trees; in times of drought, it is necessary to store water and resist drought to ensure the normal growth of roots. The best conditions to use straw or weeds for fruit plate coverage, moisturize moisture, and promote high yields.

 ETR Nurse Call System 

ETR Medical Nurse Calling System is designed for providing the communication between patients in wards and medical personnel in nurses offices in case of any peculiar conditions in hospitals. With cast-into-once deluxe plastic master telephone hosing, innovative summary fixed mode, complete information electronic summary and audio number reporting system,it has higher performance-cost ration than those products of the same variety. So far, two-wire and four-wire systems are available.

It consists of host,bed extension, corridor display, door lamp, secondary host as well as optional modules (including music, bathroom extension) for realizing some peculiar functions.

Superiority of Hospital Nurse Calling System:

Select-able: More beds quantity choices: 30, 50, 70, 110 beds.

Precision: Simultaneous calling of multiple extensions without omission. 
Credibility: ETR nurse call system provides reliable solutions for a wide range of customers including hospitals, care groups, health recovery center, nursing and residential homes.

Warranty: We offer a full year`s warranty, on going maintenance and provide the installation on-site if required.

Nurse Call System

Nurse Call System

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