"Chinese Vegetable" Fine Variety Introduction

I. Zhong Gan 19th Cabbage: Medium-maturing, mature 75 days after planting. Oblate, strong resistance to disease, crack ball. The single ball weighs 3 kilograms and has high yield. The output of 667 square meters (1 mu) is about 6,500 kilograms. Second, the pepper on the 26th pepper: medium-maturing, long cone-shaped fruit, vertical diameter of 13 cm, diameter 5.4 cm, flesh 0.44 cm. Fruit color green, single fruit weight 70-90 grams, sweet and brittle, suitable for fresh food, but also suitable for harvesting red pepper. Storage-resistant, antiviral disease. The average output of 667 square meters can reach 4000-4500 kg. Third, the hybrid 106 tomato: unlimited growth type, precocious, disease-resistant, pink. The fruit shape is neat and smooth, with good quality and good commercial property. The single fruit weight is about 180-220 grams, and the yield is high. It adapts to the protection and open field cultivation. Fourth, Zhongnong 16 cucumber: early maturity, melon color dark green. The melon grows about 30 centimeters in length. The single melon weighs 150-220 grams. The melon is short, the heart cavity is small, the taste is crisp and sweet, and the merchandise is good. Disease resistance, high early production, 667 square meters produced more than 4,000 kilograms. Fifth, Chinese cabbage 66 Chinese cabbage: Medium-early maturity, growth period of 65 days. Cannonball-shaped, ball height 32.5 cm, ball diameter 17.8 cm, single plant gross weight 3.6 kg. High net rate, good quality, high antiviral disease, and resistance to downy mildew. Six, yellow 153 tomato: early maturity, self-capping type, high fruit setting rate. It is nearly round, smooth and beautiful, weighing about 105 grams of single fruit, mature fruit yellow, uniform coloring. Pressure, crack resistance, resistance to storage and transportation. The output can reach more than 4500kg per 667 square meters. Suitable for open field cultivation. Seven, Jin Guan No. 1 small watermelon: precocious, single fruit weight 2.5 kg, large fruit up to 4 kg. High round, succulent succulent, melon skin is thin and tough, resistant to storage and transportation, and adaptable. Suitable for protection and open field cultivation. Eight, 2,504 beans: very early maturing, single pod weight 15-19 grams, length 18-20 centimeters, width 1.6 centimeters, thickness 1 centimeter, disease resistance, good quality, high yield, suitable for spring early maturing, post-autumn protection and Open field cultivation. Nine, Xiaqin: dark green leaves, petiole green, hypertrophy, length 44 cm, 2.5 cm wide, 1.9 cm thick, solid crisp, less fiber, aroma, plant weight 800-1200 grams. Disease resistance, strong resistance and wide adaptability. It is most suitable for open field and protected cultivation in autumn.

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