Chinese medicine clinical base attracts attention in science and technology conference

Business Club November 26th

At the Third International Conference on Modernization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the National TCM Clinical Research Base, one of the activities of the General Assembly, has become a focus of domestic and foreign experts and scholars. The special event introduced the overall situation of China's largest-invested Chinese medicine project so far and the staged achievements. It has attracted many domestic and foreign cooperative agencies and more than 10 countries and regions from the United States, Britain, Germany, Japan, and South Korea. Experts and scholars participated.

As the first appearance of the National Clinical Research Base at the International Conference, this special event aims to open up cooperation and exchanges between bases and international organizations. Relevant person in charge introduced the overall situation of the National Clinical Research Base to participants, and the 16 base leaders separately displayed the phased achievements and cooperation intentions of the base construction. They hope to attract domestic and foreign experts, scholars and outstanding teams to exchange and cooperate, integrate advantageous resources, further promote the construction of base businesses, strengthen international exchanges and cooperation in TCM science and technology research, and promote the modernization of TCM.

According to reports, since the launch of the National TCM Clinical Research Base, the central government has allocated 1.15 billion yuan, and local supporting funds are gradually being put in place. In the past two years, not only has the Al Qaeda management mechanism and ethical review criteria been established, but also an integrated medical and clinical research information system has been gradually established, and a collaboration mechanism is also being established. In addition, special research projects at all bases are gradually being carried out, and the entry point for each disease category has been clearly identified through expert guidance and review. Focusing on the needs of clinical research and the construction target of the National TCM Clinical Research Base, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine has actively concentrated scientific and technological resources such as scientific research projects in the Chinese medicine industry and national science and technology support programs, etc., into related bases to form a clinical research for the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases of Chinese medicine. The system and the liver disease alliance system have effectively promoted the integration and optimal use of resources for clinical research bases.

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