Chengdu Encourage Social Capital to Participate in Public Reform and Promote Resource Flow

According to the Ministry of Health website, the Sichuan Provincial Hospital Association's private medical institution management committee meeting and academic annual meeting recently revealed that the Chengdu government has recently issued opinions to further encourage and guide social capital to develop medical and health services. Implementation. This opinion relaxed the scope of social capital for the organization of medical institutions. It is clear that social capital can independently apply for the establishment of profit-making or non-profit medical institutions; encourage social capital to participate in public hospital reform through joint, trusteeship, merger, purchase, etc.; and support overseas capital to organize or participate in the form of sole proprietorship, joint venture, cooperation, or partnership. Hold medical institutions.

The opinion requests that real estate and land owned by non-profit private medical institutions should be exempted from real estate tax and urban land use tax; income earned by privately-owned for-profit medical institutions directly used for improving medical and health conditions should be obtained from the registration of practice. Starting from the day, real estate and land for their own use will be exempted from real estate tax and urban land use tax within 3 years; private medical institutions and public medical institutions will be included in the basic medical insurance fixed-point coverage on equal terms, and the same level of reimbursement with public medical institutions will be implemented. Projects and standards: The operational nature of private non-profit medical institutions and private for-profit medical institutions can be converted to each other. If changes in property rights occur, investors are allowed to withdraw investment;

The comments emphasized that medical staff should be encouraged and guided to move in an orderly manner among the various medical institutions in the city; on the basis of voluntariness, private medical institutions can undertake tasks such as supporting agriculture, supporting borders, and supporting the government, and government and public medical institutions. The same standards give special subsidies; support private medical institutions in accordance with the approved scope of practice, hospital level, etc., self-equipped with large-scale medical equipment; optimize the academic environment of private medical institutions, and enjoy the same treatment with public medical institutions. The city proposed that, in times of crisis, private medical institutions perform mandatory tasks assigned by the government as required and receive government compensation in accordance with relevant regulations.

A few days ago, Sichuan's Chengdu City Health Administration issued a document requesting all municipal public hospitals to promote and implement close-to-home services. There are a total of 18 items in 4 categories, which require the hospitals to formulate and implement plans within one month.

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